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Over the weekend a headline appeared on LDS.Org declaring Temple Square to be Utah's numero uno tourist attraction. DUH! Not only does Temple Square have over 150 gorgeous sister missionaries on site to assist all who enter therein, the Spirit is truly incredible. Mormons are not the only ones that recognize this. :) Although I retired my name tag over five years ago, I still get excited each time I read about the SLC Temple Square Mission.
Every General Conference I tear up remembering how wonderful it was to serve the Lord "in the tops of the mountains." There are some members of the LDS church who chide me about serving on Temple Square. Not only is it hurtful, its plain wrong. Many tease I did not serve a "real" mission. This is ridiculous. If the Lord through His prophet declared Temple Square a mission than its a "real" mission. I am humbled each time I think about the miracles I witnessed as I served people "from all nations of the earth." I know the Lord will continue to lead people to Temple Square because He wants all to come closer to Him. (I am not saying Temple Square is the only place where people can draw closer to the Savior. Don't even go there.) I just hope Temple Square will continue to be a magnet for those seeking peace and miracles. I LOVE YOU TEMPLE SQUARE!

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This Man Has a Map on His Head

The Picto-Personaility Test

You are a person who lives in the moment and is passionate about whatever and whoever you love.When alone, you appreciate being able to do nothing if you want to, and setting your own pace for things.You are romantic, and when you are with your partner you like to woo them with your imagination.In the future you will be wise and healthy.

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What I've Always Wanted to Know

The Secret Language of Sleep:A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions

Colon Traits and Tendencies
The Colon is the chosen pose of individuals who, on their own, seem awkward or remote. They may be the sort who responds to telephone messages with email, or spends their lunchtimes quietly pedometer-walking in lieu of socializing with coworkers. But when a Colonist finds its mate, together they acquire a grace and ease that surprises friends and family.

Comfort Zone
The Colon is one of the Sea Sleeper poses. Other Sea poses you might try: The Ticket Puncher and Sixth Posture of the Perfumed Forest.

A Note About Coping
Since Colonists rely so heavily on their partners to give them context and spark, the times when business or family obligations take one of them away from home can leave both sleepers demoralized. To temporarily fill the void, swap in a large, carnival-sized stuffed animal, making sure to keep candles, space heaters, or other combustibles well away from the bedside.

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Taking the Lead...

...I'm finally in Bond Girl's home! For more than 10 mins! We're eating popcorn and getting ready to go to a movie! It's so nice to be hanging out! Together!

Sorry. Dooce had a thing with exclamation points! And they are contagious.

A new site for our scrapping readers...Gwen has a new class!

This! concludes! our! post!

Antonio here we come!!! :)

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Oh. Wait. Makafeke. I promised Boo that we'd blog about this but I don't quite know a nice way to express the many, various, interesting makafeke I call my own. There are nearly 10 that I can think of right away and, upon reflection, probably quite a few more.

What are my favorites? Hmmm. Well, there are men--love them. I know that there is a popular opinion right now that "Men Suck" or some such thing. I don't agree. I never have. I happen to be quite fond of them in all forms. Friends, lovers--any old presentation will do for me

You know, since we're in a 'stream of something' mood here, I was just thinking about this. What if I shared that porn was my makafeke? Would people believe me? First, it's statistically unlikely that (as a female) that would be an issue for me. Second, I'm sure that most of you would be shocked at the idea. Or maybe not. Depends on how well you know me, I guess. :)

But really, we talk about 'makafeke' but how many of us own what ours are? And how many would really share? And does sharing make a difference? I think there is an element of social responsibility that comes with sharing the things that make us weak. I have heard that it's freeing to stand in front of a group and 'own' to them your weakness. So, allow me...

Hello. My name is Stephanie. I'm addicted to several things. *Hello, Stephanie!*

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In the Saturday morning session of General Conference (4.1.20o6) President Thomas S. Monson, first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints likened the temptations of mortality to makafeke (the Tongan word for octopi lure). These lures consist of medium size round stones covered in seashells. Octopi mistaking the lure for prey, seizes the makafeke in a death grip, refusing to relinquish even as the fisherman hoists it out of the ocean and into his boat.
Each of us has a makafeke, according to President Monson; a temptation we find difficult to abandon even during times of peril.
Seven years ago I entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah in preparation for my mission on Temple Square (SLC, UT). In the MTC missionaries do not have access to caffinated beverages, i.e. Diet Coke. Before my mission, I drank at least three or four glasses of Diet Coke a day. I was an addict. Yet I did not understand until I suffered severe headaches due to caffine withdrawls. Once the headaches ceased I vowed never to become a Diet Coke addict again. For six years I did not drink coke of any kind. I was such a braggart, taunting my mother every time we went to the grocery store. "You don't need that poison water," I would tease. "You're just wasting money," I continued. She would groan in response as she loaded my empty arms with liters of the "poision."
Fast forward to my brother's college graduation (5.2005). It was a hot Atlanta day. I had gone without food or drink for many hours. Famished and with no other choice, I took a big gulp of Josh's ice cold Coca-Cola. For a moment, the world stood still. The burn my throat experienced as the brown liquid washed down my throat was intoxicating. I begged for more. One sip was not enough. With one gulp I was hooked, not on Diet Coke as before, but on Classic Coca-Cola.
It has been 11 months since that fateful day. Although I can go a day without one, the urgings usually increase until I finally give in to that ice cold refreshment.
This was the first thing that came to mind, yesterday as I listened to President Monson describe the dangers of makafeke. My makafeke is not a stone covered in shells, its not men, money or any other vice. Ok, maybe that's not true, but for now, my makafeke consists of a red, white, and black aluminum can, filled with the finest beverage a native son of Georgia ever created.
Now you know mine, tell me, what is your makafeke?

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