Excuses, excuses

I got a bit of a talking-to yesterday at work. I've been missing details and, generally, not concentrating enough. Surprise! An ADD girl that can't concentrate? Who ever would have guessed!?

As I was talking to a friend of mine last night about my seemingly eternal quest to finish my undergraduate degree. I expressed to him that I was bored by school and, therefore, usually didn't finish what I'd started. He said, "Sounds like an excuse to me." For a moment I was offended and then I thought, "You know--he may have a point."

There is a certain amount of biology that goes along with the ADD brain. It really is functionally different than a "normal" one. But you know, even with that challenge I've managed to do things that bore me. Why is school such a challenge for me?

I think, perhaps, until recently I haven't been able to picture the ROI that would make me withstand boredom. I'm feeling differently now that I am back in an office setting. In restaurants or kitchens, you don't need a degree. You need to be quick, competent, accurate, personable and confident. I am those things. But I don't want to manage restaurants and kitchens for my entire life. I love them but I'm not willing to work the nights, weekends and long hours that they require. So, back to the office. And here it's a different story. The aforementioned traits can take me only so far. That's becoming more obvious to me the longer I'm here.

I did know these things before, of course, but I was waiting for something--putting off the rest of my life until the time was perfect. Of course, that time will never come. Things will always be in the way. And I need to stop using anything as an excuse. I need to embrace the part of me that won't allow for a "no" and get going.

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Wish her luck!

Today Bond Girl begins to attempt recovery of priceless artifacts from the base of the Masonic Temple in Alexandria. Sadly, only VA. But some day she'll be digging in the other one!

We're sorry that we don't update more--our faithful two readers! We love you. We promise to have more consistent adventures this summer.

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Just my luck

See how the people in this photo look fake and clueless? Remember that when you're thinking about seeing Just My Luck. It's officially DUMBER than Firewall. And that's saying something.

The basic plot--if you can call it that--of this movie is that when you kiss you get lucky. Girl is lucky. She kisses boy. He's lucky. She kisses him again. She gets lucked in return. She feels guilty about the lucking and returns the favor to the boy. Then they both give up and luck another person. Credits roll.

Amber and I start to laugh because we are so happy that we only paid $5 to see this movie.

I do have to say this. The movie did have one high point. It never, ever altered from EXACTLY what I thought was going to happen next. The effect is that you feel pretty smart for being able to predict the next joke down to the camera angle.

And then you realize that you don't have a degree. That you're steeped in pop culture to the point of being able to do the aforementioned and you begin to weep without regard for those around you.

Later, after they have talked you down and put you in the calming, soft, white room you begin to understand that life really does have purpose and you'll be ok. Soon they let you go and you can rebuild your life.

So, please. Don't go. Just stop now. Listen to me! I know! I've been there!

It's not pretty.

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Lindsey Lo, I Mean No-Brainer

In celebration, of Steph's bonus at work we decided to see a movie. In addition, Steph wanted to talk about the "object of her affection," because men are really nothing more than objects, so we did the typical girl activity and saw what I thought was a romantic comedy. Oh no. Although I am often wrong about many things, I hate it. There is nothing worse than being reminded of a horrible decision and tonight that is exactly what happened. For one hour and forty-three minutes I was reminded I had made the worst movie decision of my life. Stephanie and I seriously predicted the entire movie. It was a no-plot, no-brainer flick. I don't mind Lindsey Lo-Lo but man, I wasn't the only one who made a bad choice. If I were her I would seriously think about getting a new agent. Perhaps she is trying to gain a following among younger uh, children maybe? I don't know.
Stephanie and I tried to identify a plot but alas we believe there wasn't one. For our readers who are not familiar with Lindsey's new acheivement, if it can be called that, its titled Just My Luck. Lindsey plays a young woman who enjoys a life filled with nothing but good luck. Its not even good, its unrealistic. She lives in a huge NYC flat, meets "sexy men" who take her to professional basketball games, and wears Dolce and Gabbana dresses. All this and she's what? 18? Lindsey's luck changes when she meets the unluckiest man ever. After dancing with him for one minute she kisses this guy. Doesn't know his name, the song isn't even over and bam, she's locking lips with a total stranger. What does this teach young girls? Aghh.
Immediately following the kiss, everything in Ms Lohan's life goes badly. Sound familiar ladies? Her first mistake was trusting and kissing a man she had just met. Lucky for her, he tried to redeem himself later. The last five minutes of the movie is nothing but kissing. Lucky for us it was $5.oo movie night at the theatre. For those interested, $5.00 movie night ended tonight, but will resume once the summer ends and kiddies are back in school. A fact that makes me incredibly excited about reproducing. I can already see the benefits; ruining movie night for members of mankind who are destined to spend mortality ALONE.
As we were walking out of the theatre I almost tripped, and got popcorn on the bottom of my shoe. This makes me wonder if its bad luck to see the movie. I promised Stephanie I would monitor my behavior over the week, if the bad luck continues then we have vowed to endure the movie again in the hopes my luck will be reversed. Maybe that is how the director plans to make a profit on this venture. Curse all those who watch it so they will have to spend money to see it again reversing the spell. The fact that Stephanie would agree to sit through this movie again, if I have lost whatever luck I had, reminds me how lucky I am to have her as a friend.

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Perhaps the greatest compliment of my adult life

I was walking in down Germantown Road in Philly. I was on a photo safari while I was waiting for Basilios. A man walked behind me for a couple of blocks, whistling a tune. Then, slowly, he passed me. He said "Hello." I replied. Then he started to cross the street. Just before stepping out he turned to me and said, "Miss. Whoever he is, you tell him I'm jealous."

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Sailing the Sea of Love

Previously I explored the question of why people pretend they don't love or care for another when they really do. An example of someone who has done this is Lucy Honeychurch, the main character in the movie, A Room With a View. Her love interest, George Emerson is one of my favorite male characters, next to Rhett Butler, in Gone With the Wind, George Bailey in, It's a Wonderful Life, and Noah Calhoun in The Notebook.
I never thought I would meet a man like Noah Calhoun but last Saturday I think I came close.
Saturday Beth, Kate and I decided to take advantage of the Boston Sailing Center's free sailing lessons. In addition to meeting three really fun guys, Mark, Paul and Rob, I met George. George, shown in the photo on the left, was perfect. Like Noah, he appreciated beautiful music. Classical music (Handel to be exact) drifted up from the cabin as we navigated Boston's harbour. The music with the lapping of the water was hypnotic.
Although the wind was chilly, the sky was a clear blue. The sun was bright reflecting off the water causing us to squint.
May in Boston, is not like May in Washington. Waiting in line I quickly became very cold. Mark, kindly wrapped his royal blue Patagonia fleece around me for warmth. Looking back I am not sure this was a good thing because later George offered Beth his jacket, stored in the cabin, so she could stay warm. See what a gentleman he is? :)
Since these were sailing lessons, everyone was expected to assist George with the sails and navigation. Thankfully, Mark, Paul and Rob did all the tying and pulling while I steered the craft. Like most things, it took me awhile to get used to the logistics of sailing. George would often put his hand near mine on the rudder to help me guide the craft. At one point I confessed I pretended to be confused because I wanted him to hold my hand. In response, he put his hand over mine but only for a brief moment.
George reminded me of Noah in other ways. For instance, George dresses exactly the way I imagine Noah Calhoun would dress; khakis, a rugby shirt, with a gray pull-over wool sweater. The loafers and the matching baseball cap provided the perfect finishing touches to the most inviting ensemble I have ever beheld. Looking at him, I had this overwhelming urge to get lost beneath a big, fluffy goose down comforter with him forever. Instead I had to settle with this photo.
In the course of our journey, I never once heard George curse. Do you know how attractive that is? Every man I know, with the exception of my father, curses. Most men my age do it quite often. Not only is it offensive its unnecessary. It is a habit I have adopted over the past year, but am trying to quash. George never became impatient and always complinted each participant, when they did something well, with, "beauty." Jason Bowman used to say that.
George also took each of our hands as we entered and exited the boat. I love it when a man does that. So nice.
Finally the last thing that impressed me about this man, who I will probably never see again, is he quickly rushed to help another crew that was coming in, when he easily could have stood by and watched as they struggled to dock their boat. I love men who are quick to be anxiously engaged.
The one hope I hang on to in regards to George, is his job as a defense contractor often brings him to Washington. Although DC is a big place, I'd like to think if fate brought us together once, it can happen again. Haven't you ever seen Serendipity?

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But it went like this:

"I'm Amber. I'm the other half of Bond Girl and Iron Bladder."

And I loved her more.

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Ten Top Trivia Tips about Stephanie!

  1. Neil Armstrong first stepped on Stephanie with his left foot!
  2. Stephanie will often glow under UV light!
  3. Stephanie cannot jump.
  4. You would have to dig through four thousand kilometres of Stephanie to reach the earth's core.
  5. Grapes explode if you put them inside Stephanie!
  6. Stephanie never said 'Play it again, Sam'!
  7. You share your birthday with Stephanie!
  8. More people are killed by Stephanie each year than die in aeroplane accidents.
  9. Over 2000 people have now climbed Stephanie, with roughly ten percent dying on the way down.
  10. The average duration of sexual intercourse for Stephanie is two minutes!
I am interested in - do tell me about

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