Thank you, Sherpa.

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Alanis, my love

If I could, I'd make you all come sprawl out all over my room with headphones and listen to Flavors of Entanglement over and over and over.

This is my latest favorite. I'm sure it will change tomorrow.

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Old Faithful?

In May I accepted a contract position working as an Architectural Historian for my enterprise. Accepting the position had several consequences; a) I would have to leave my beloved friends in Washington for three months b) I would live in Mississippi for at least three months c) I would miss Washington in the summer d) I would compromise my romantic relationship and forsake any hope of future romance with eligible bachelors. A weighty decision indeed.

I have now been in "Mississip" for over two months and there is a very good possibility I will be here for a few additional months. Although I miss my friends more than I can express, I have met some very interesting individuals on the gulf coast. Most of the people I know and interact with, are my colleagues.

Recently I was assigned to work with an archaeologist and another architectural historian on a project in southeast Mississippi. The archaeologist is my age but the other architectural historian is a recent graduate of a MA program. Working with females close to my age with similar academic and professional interests has been very liberating. We spend several hours in the car commuting to the "field." During this time many interesting conversations have occurred. Such as one we engaged in earlier this week.

AH: So, I notice you have a few tattoos.
A: Yep. I really like them.
AH: That's cool.
Me: Did it hurt? You know...
A: No. (Pointing to her latest tattoo) I really want to get this one filled.
AH: My girlfriends and I decided when we finished our thesis papers at (insert university) we would get a tattoo representing our thesis.
Me: Really?
AH: Yeah. Mine was in Yellowstone. So, I was thinking it should be Old Faithful.
A and I: Interesting.
AH: Yeah, and I think the best place would be between my legs.
A: Bursts out laughing.
Me: Aghhhhhhhhh! Aghhhhhh! Aghhhh! Did you really just say that? Did I hear you correctly? I don't think you just said that to me.
A: That was awesome.
Me: I can't believe you just said that.
AH: Laughing.
Me: I am totally blogging about this.
AH: That's fine. Blog.

The sorting, but without the cool hat.

Amber and I have heard lots recently about how quiet things have been here. I know she won't mind me speaking a gentle apology to our friends.

I was sitting here at my desk today thinking about how much time I have to think right now. I know, I hear it. It's the first sign of hermitage. Don't worry. We're not truly at risk of my adoration for all things social ceasing.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. What I'm trying to say is that with sufficient time to pause and think, you start sorting through stuff. I think both Amber and I are doing that now. We're sorting through what we want next, how to deal with the decision of the past and all that's associated with those. While it's noisy in my head, I'm surprised by how much I enjoy the quiet of my life here and how much it's showing me about my true colors.

In any case, please excuse our lack of outer expression for a bit. We'll be back in force eventually. In the mean time, go kiss a hot boy as a tribute to us.

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New song.

I was watching House tonight and it was featured on an episode. I couldn't love it more.

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(overcast day + shiny new laptop) + unemployed = day in bed studying.

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Dear Boo

I know we never blog anymore. Sorry about that. On the up side, I'm blogging today!
I just want to tell you "Happy Birthday!" Thank you for being in my life. I was talking to Alisa this morning about her new friend. She was really surprised that two girls so different seem to be destined for a great friendship--and I knew exactly how she felt.

From the first moments with the bathroom fans to sleeping with you in Kentucky, my love you for you has only altered to grow. You're my constant, my rock. I love you more than I can say and I hope you have a perfect, happy birthday. Even if I'm here and you're there.

If you get bored, just get out the hammer.

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