Hurricane Earl

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Where will he go? What will he do? And men say women are a mystery.

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The Porches

Nestled on a gorgeous lot about.4 miles from the Copiah-Lincoln Community College campus is one of the best restaurants in the entire Magnolia state. The Porches is advertised as, "traditional southern dining with an imaginative flair." I couldn't agree more. Everything was incredible from the bignormous (borrowing from Amanda) yeast rolls to the bread pudding covered in a perfect almond sauce. I was in heaven.
Two and a half hours from the Coast, The Porches is about 45 mins southwest of Jackson and is undoubtedly the best restaurant within Copiah and Lincoln counties. A true Mississippi gem.

The highlight of our dining experience was meeting Ms. Sybil (0n left) and Ms. Celia (0n right). These sisters are the quintessential Southern hostesses. Sweet as can be, they make everyone feel at home, in their home. Actually, Ms. Celia lives in the lovely Queen Anne The Porches operates in, while Ms. Sybil lives in another Queen Anne across the drive. While Ms. Sybil and Ms. Celia manage the gift shop, Ms. Celia's husband and son do all the cooking.
Does it get any better ladies? I don't think so. Ms. Celia and Ms. Sybil totally defy the old adage, "a woman's place is in the kitchen." Whatever! If we're talking about Ms. Celia's husband and son then "a man's place is in the kitchen" making those amazing yeast rolls, fried catfish, baked potato casserole, field peas, fried green tomatoes and bread pudding.
I am already planning another trip north so I can stop in for more yeast rolls and bread pudding. Thanks Ms. Celia and Ms. Sybil for a memorable dining experience. I hope to see you again soon!

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is basically the New Orleans version of Georgetown's T. Sweet's. Infamous for their unique flavor combinations it's every ice cream lovers dream.
Two scoops is always a little much for me. So whenever possible I always ask if I can go halfsies. Not a problem at The Creole Creamery. I ordered a half scoop of their Cookie Monster flavor coupled with another half scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Pie. It was wonderful.
The staff is friendly and very helpful, always willing to offer samples of the numerous flavors. Before ordering, I sampled the Red Velvet ice cream which included substantial pieces of red velvet cake. Sooo good.
The only thing missing were my friends.

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For Steph

Hanging balls of light,
beaming in the night,
from the rooftop of Park Heights,
Tupelo, Mississippi.
You love it. You know you do.

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2010 PGA Champ

German native Martin Kaymer defeated Bubba Watson in the PGA playoff. Initially it seemed the tie was three-way with Dustin Johnson in contention along with Watson and Kaymer. However, PGA officials decided to penalize Dustin Johnson with a two-stroke penalty for failing to recognize a bunker located outside an area-of-play where crowds were gathered to watch the tournament. Although Kaymer and Watson played excellent golf I believe many who watched today's tournament play will always wonder, "What if? What if Dustin Johnson had been allowed to contend in the play off? Who's name would have been added to the Wanamaker trophy?" A question for the ages to be sure. My hope is this experience will fuel Dustin Johnson's determination to become a smarter player who knows the game and how to play it with exactness. A fearless contender who will continue to "Wow" crowds and make history for years to come. Dustin Johnson, I look forward to watching your return next season and Mr. Kaymer congratulations for winning the 2010 PGA Championship!

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A Mississippi Gem

On our way to Oxford, Meg and I stopped and stretched our legs on the banks of Lake Grenada in Grenada, Mississippi. Lake Grenada is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers and is absolutely gorgeous. The beach is clean, the water is clear and the trees are beautiful. Pecans covered the ground everywhere we walked. Even the outdoor restrooms were cool. Definitely one of Mississippi's best kept secrets.
I would love to return for a weekend of camping when the weather turns a little cooler and the humidity dissipates. Although it was summer the beaches and lake were barely occupied. It was a little piece of heaven on earth.
Also located in Grenada is a funky little ice cream stand called Spencer's Dairy Kreme. They have creative shake flavors that may seem questionable but not only do they work, they are delicious. I had a small shake with peanut butter ice cream and peanuts mixed throughout. It may sound awful but it was really good. So, if you are considering a trip to northern Mississippi be sure to include Lake Grenada on your schedule. It truly is a Mississippi Gem.

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Although its difficult to read the sign above the metal hip roof it reads Boure. If you are ever in Oxford, please allow me to spare you the embarrassment of pronouncing the name of this local establishment incorrectly, which is exactly what I did. Although its spelled B-o-u-r-e the first part is pronounced Boo, instead of Bo, as I assumed, and the "re" is pronounced Ray. Put them together and you have Boo Ray. Although I've already told Rae about the restaurant, I promised I'd post a photo. It may not look like much from the outside but the filet minon and mashed potatoes were excellent. In addition, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. The place was packed on a Thursday night.
The location is perfect. It's located just of the historic square in downtown Oxford on North Lamar. The Downtown Oxford Inn, where we stayed, was a short walk, which was perfect because trying to find parking on the square is difficult. If you are ever in Oxford stop by Boure. Just remember its Boo Ray.

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