Dear Mom

Some say time is measured only unto man. Regardless, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!
Believe me it is not, nor ever will be, the same without you.

Love you forever,

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Dear Mom

The holidays suck without you.


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Every now and then...

...I know that all the time I spend running around the internet it worth it. I have one such discovery to share. Behold, The Periodic Table of Awesoments!!

I know, I know. Just consider it a Christmas present.

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We're, like, famous!

Last night the Griz beat JMU 35 to 27 to head over to TN and fight for the playoff crown! I love playoff football. None of the BCS crap! Go Griz!!

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What the?

Jennifer Zdon- The Times-Picayune
My mind has never associated NOLA with snow. When I moved to the Gulf in May I never dreamed I would see snow this winter. In fact, I have often bragged about enjoying a mild winter compared to Steph who lives in Montana or my other girlfriends who live in Washington. However, this morning the office was buzzing with excitement.
"Did you know it's snowing in New Orleans?!" was the question on everyones' lips followed by "Do you think they will let us go early?" Unfortunately, the answer to the latter question was no.
Although I dislike winter weather, I must concede, snowfall in NOLA is a beautiful site.

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Damn pets.

Today I washed and vacuumed my car until it was all shiny and pretty. It will most likely not be this way again until after the thaw in March. I was so proud of how nice it was. I tucked the chocolates from the car wash into my purse and ran the rest of my errands.

Went into the supermarket, bought all kinds of healthful foods and came back to my car.

The dog had emptied the contents of my purse, which is of a significant size, all over the interior of the car in the quest for the chocolate he was licking up from my seat where he had clearly ground some in. He had foil hanging from his mouth so I know he'll be ill tonight.

I came home to see the cat. I approached my overstuffed chair to throw myself in because of my frustration with the dog. Then I noticed that the cat had filled the chair with the soil from the plant next to the chair. ALL of the soil and all of the greenery.

Both, you'll be proud to know, are still alive. I know because they are crying at me from the bathroom where they will remain locked for the rest of their lives.

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On how we're now old.

We were commenting to each other how we're really 90-year-old women in much younger bodies. All this change makes my bones ache!

And then we said something really funny that made us both laugh. But now, an hour or two later, I can't remember what it was. Because I'm old. And losing my marbles!

Happily, I have friends that frequently say funny things. And that, my friends, is my belated Thanksgiving.

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