A Grande Saturday

Two summers ago I met Leslie, a soon-to-be Museum Studies graduate student who was the Executive Assistant for the American Studies Program. I had just completed my first semester in the American Studies Program and was working as the Executive Assistant for the Museum Studies Program. We bonded over ice cream, often alternating between the GW Deli or Cone E. Island Ice Cream. I prefer the latter.
Last week, we decided we should chat over ice cream. Suffering from withdrawal, I also wanted to see the baby. I can't believe sometimes, how much I miss her. We bonded during our walks and I was excited when she recognized my voice and instead of crying, smiled.
In fact, princess Isla was all smiles while we were playing. Leslie says she loves the outdoors and it shows. She kept grabbing grass and putting it in her mouth. We were constantly taking the grass blades from her only to watch her grab another fist-full and repeat the action. I tease Leslie that Isla will be a park ranger or a big-wig environmentalist. I would love that! In the meantime I just wish she would grow some hair. Auntie Jacqueline is holding Isla in this photo.

Although her eyes are closed in this photo, Isla is anything but camera shy. She loves posing for the camera and is a very photogenic baby. I love that her outfit has pink butterflies on it. We have so much in common already.

This is a photo Auntie Jacqueline took of Auntie Amber holding Isla. Auntie Amber didn't like the way she looked in the photo, you will understand one day Isla, so she cropped it, to show the better half. Auntie Amber does like the way her hands look though and is so proud that you look so happy while she's holding you. This was not always the case.

While we were playing in the grass, these Indian guys decided to play a game of cricket. Auntie Amber found this ironic, and your mother can explain why someday, that this should happen while she was with her on GW's campus. Isla, it may sound absolutely romantic to date former professional cricket players from India, and at times it is, but I would recommend dating men who are more academic. Men that wear bow ties and glasses, for instance, and can engage you in intellectually stimulating conversations. Those men are difficult to find, its true, but I am confident you can and will choose wisely. Your mom did. Your parents have one of the coolest relationships I have ever seen.

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A Week Ago Today...

I was sitting seven rows behind home dugout watching the Nationals play the Rockies. The seats were absolutely incredible. Each time I think I can't be more fortunate the next time I attend a game the seats are better than before. It's wonderful having friends, like Scott, who invite you because they know how excited you will be to go. I posted this photo, despite the horribly obvious neck creases, because my eyes look so weird. I have never seen my eyes this shade before.

Scott recently purchased a new digital camera and as the photos demonstrate it has an incredible zoom. Although I appreciate all the players, and their talent, I especially appreciate Ryan Zimmerman. Scott got this shot of Zimmerman, during a pow-wow on the mound. It's terrific because he is easily identifiable and his ass looks nice as well.

Meet Jim. Jim was the usher for our section and sat directly behind me, when he wasn't busy checking fans' tickets. Because I am a motor-mouth and feel compelled to talk to everyone, I talked to Jim periodically throughout the game. Not only did he take our photos, but agreed to me snapping one of him, and yes, he knows I am blogging about him.
Jim and I became such good friends he asked me to come see him the next time I attended a game. He showed me the section he usually works and told me I should try to sit there next time. I told him I would do my best.

GEORGE! Again a photo taken with Scott's A-MAZING camera. Don't worry Steph, his doesn't hold a candle to yours. The Presidents hung out in our section for most of the game. One of them even sat down next to a fan, which caused major problems for the fans sitting directly behind them. Their heads are so large it was impossible for the fans to see the game.
The highlight of the game was having the cameraman film us dancing and then Screech blowing kisses at me in front of everyone. I couldn't believe it. I blew kisses back and then he pretended that his heart was beating out of his chest. I felt really special until I saw him do it, although less conspicuously, to another girl.

Although we weren't able to stay for the entire game, we did stay until the top of the eighth. By that time, the Nationals were leading 3-0 and as this photo implies the Rockies had surrendered. Worried that we would miss a come-back I checked ESPN the moment I got back from Nick and Lara's reception. Lucky for us, the score did not change, with the Nationals claiming the victory. Jim predicted the win before we left and said I was the team's good luck charm. I am sure this a common line he shares with fans but it made me feel lucky nonetheless.

Playing around with Scott's camera as we zipped through Southwest, I snapped this self-potrait profile photo, which I kind of like because it shows off my jaw-line. The more I look at it though the more I think I have an oddly shaped head or that I look like an old lady. Either way, we had a fantastic time and made it to the reception with fifteen minutes to spare. Although Lara had changed from her wedding dress into her traveling clothes, Nick was still in his tux and everything looked lovely. I saw an old friend who I haven't seen in years, and was able to see Tara and Anne which is always fun. More on that to come.

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Wednesday Night in the Park

The Dancers

We went to hear The City Band play in Bonner Park. Above are The Dancers. I use that term loosely.

We are family.

They yawn exactly the same way.

And you wonder why I feel single.

While this shot is posed, I made them do this to commemorate the moment just before this where they actually were looking at each others rings.


Beth when she's making a point.

Too cool


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Shoe Spotlight

Although I described them to many I decided to post a photo of the shoes I will wearing at my brother's wedding. It's crazy. This time next week I will be sleeping in my pink princess room at the "farm house" in Kentucky. I will drift off to sleep to the sound of crickets and wake up to the bellow of cows. Horses, tractors and the smell of freshly cut hay! It's obviously been too long.
Anyway, I hope Stephanie, our shoe aficionado approves. They are my first pair of heels with ankle straps, which men, I have been told, love! They have yet to bring me luck but who knows? Maybe I just haven't worn them in front of the right men.

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Harry Potter Book Bash

Brett is one of the best Home Teachers I have ever had and that is saying something because I have been blessed with really good Home Teachers. Last night Brett agreed to allow me to tag along with him to the Barnes & Noble Harry Potter midnight book sale.
I reserved my book on Wednesday and had initially decided to pick my book up first thing this morning at 9am. At the last minute, in true BOO fashion, I changed my mind and decided to brave the die-hards with Brett.

I am so glad I did. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by other fans dressed as characters from the series. Not one to be shy, I asked these kind strangers if I could snap a photo for my blog. They agreed, because who doesn't want to feel famous?
These ladies were just the tip of the ice berg. We were amazed by the numbers of folks that dressed up for the event. People of all ages and backgrounds came dressed and ready to celebrate in true wizard style.

Arriving at 10pm, Brett and I wondered around the entire store for an hour before we got thirsty. Around 11:15pm I persuaded him to order his first strawberry frap from Starbucks. While we were standing in line, I snapped this photo. I thought it was so cute this little girl had decided to pass her time reading beneath a book display table. Not only is she smart, she looks killer in her purple wig and red lipstick.

Wondering over to the children's section we discovered a mini-platform with Harry and friends posing for photos. When we discovered they were available for photo ops I snapped one with my camera.

On the opposite side of the children's' section was a face-painting table. I couldn't resist. Although most of the people in line were requesting the dark mark I decided to go Potter-friendly and adopt the Crookshanks look. Brett hates cats so he teased me the entire night about how ridiculous he thought I looked. I didn't care. After she was finished, the face-painter agreed to take our photo on the kiddie bench. Doesn't Brett look handsome in his glasses? He said he wore them because his contacts were bothering him but I think he had a different agenda.

Finally they called group 13, which was the group we were assigned to. We took this photo just before we stepped up to the register to purchase our reserved copies. Brett loves to make this face in photos. He says he wants everyone to know how much fun he has when we hang out. He was being facetious of course. He was really miserable, can't you tell?

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Yesterday's Fortune

With my recent graduation, the never-ending search for the perfect job in an ideal location, my brother's wedding, and who knows what after that, there is a strong possibility this fortune may prove true. Some things seem to be changing/occurring so quickly while others seem to be standing still. Although I have experienced moments of frustration and discouragement, like Steph, I can't complain and when I do, I just feel guilty because honestly I have been so blessed, especially within the last three months. I don't know how or when but I hope whatever happens this summer that will influence/change my life view will be positive and a blessing not only for me but for others as well.

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Noralee's Bertucci Dinner Group

Tonight I decided to join the ladies from Public History and our Professor, for dinner at Bertucci's. Dr. Frankel was a terrific instructor and has become a great friend since. She is always interested in her students and is constantly willing to assist us in our professional endeavors. I truly admire her and am grateful I took her class my last semester at GW. While working as the Executive Assistant for the Museum Studies Program, I became close with many of the students in the Program. The semester I began, was also Erin's last semester as a student. We quickly bonded over our love for the South and have remained in touch since she left GW.
Not only did we gather to share information about job openings but we celebrated Erin's job offer for a position as a university historian in Tennessee. I am not sure who is more fortunate; the university or Erin. Not only will she be able to afford a home but she will be close to family and friends she met as an undergrad. Although I will miss her I am excited she is taking the next step in her professional journey. God only knows when I will be able to take mine. Wish it were tomorrow. Charleston or Bust Baby!
One thing that I mentioned over dinner was how nice it felt to be among women with common academic/professional interests; a feeling I have been deprived of, with the exception of Jacqueline, for seven weeks. Although it was late, after dinner I couldn't resist walking through campus. I miss school. I love working in the academy, whether it be as a teacher's assistant or an executive assistant, I love being on campus, watching students progress, learning new things and meeting new people with new ideas. I relish opportunities to participate and/or listen to ideals being liberally debated in an open forum. That rarely occurs in the workplace and yet, it should.
Two of the women tonight expressed their plans to get a PhD and I honestly envied them. I am not sure if I will ever have the opportunity but provided I ever pay off my student loans I think I will go for it. As a single woman, what do I have to loose? Besides, I have always wanted to wear the regalia, with the puffy robes and marshmallow hats.
It was a lovely evening and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to see Erin again before she moves. With all the friends I made and with the experiences I enjoyed, GW was honestly one of the best choices I have ever made.

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Grandma's Birthday

Since I wasn't able to attend Grandma's birthday, Dad made sure my Aunt Evelyn emailed a few pictures to me. I decided to post my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My dad decided to throw a country-themed birthday party for grandma. Last year dad bought fishing hats for all the men to wear. This year he had Ms. Francis sew bonnets for all the women. Ms. Francis made a matching apron for my grandma to set her apart from her daughters. Dad was so pleased with how cute she looked in her bonnet and apron that's practically all he talked about. I agree and had to post the photo.
In this photo my dad is sporting overalls, something I have NEVER seen him wear before, although he has often talked about it. I love men in overalls. I don't know why I just do. Men in overalls with glasses sends me over the top. LOVE IT!
Although he is only 5'10" he looks tall standing next to my grandma, who's is a shorty like me. I also love that my dad is wearing his Crocs that I got him for Christmas two years ago. Good job Dad! I am so proud of you!

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Guilt much?

I'm stuck today. Stuck because my car is dead and in Pocatello but there are children dying in Africa.

I don't mean that in the "yeah, yeah" way it's usually said. I really mean it. My life is blessed beyond compare. I have a car, family, a great job, possessions, the ability to travel--all the things that make me happy. I'm not without anything that I need to thrive.

But my car is stuck and I'm upset because it's expensive and I don't have the money to fix it. I'm annoyed that the mechanics didn't correct everything perfectly the first time. I'm in a horrible mood about needing to work today when all this is going on. I'm pissed that my neighbor was going around looking for the dogs that were barking so he sat on my property to watch my dogs bark.* And I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed, you know?

Do you ever get like that? You feel pissed/upset/annoyed and suddenly you think, "STEPHANIE! You are so BLESSED! SHUT IT!"

Maybe it's just me.

But then I do start to think about all the horrible things in the world (I'll spare you my list) and how I'm not being subjected to any of them. But rather than making me feel good about my life it makes me feel bad about my guilt.

Thank God Reese's Stix are now an approved medication for depression. I know because they help me and I prescribed them to myself.

*HELLO! THEY ARE DOGS, YOU IDIOT! They BARK when someone they don't know is sitting ON MY PROPERTY watching them! DUH! I HATE OLD PEO...THAT PARTICULAR OLD PERSON. *deep breathing* The End.

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The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

This afternoon I joined a few sisters from Relief Society for an organ concert at the National Cathedral. Since moving to Washington over two years ago, I have longed to attend a concert and take a tour of the cathedral but did not have the opportunity until today. It was worth the wait. The Gothic architecture was awe inspiring. The extraordinary attention to detail is beyond comprehension for an impatient person like me. To imagine the hours devoted to wood-carving, glass tinting and setting, not to mention the exhaustive struggle of hauling and chiseling the stone to reveal animals, log cabins, and other symbols of American Christianity was simply breath-taking.

Following the concert, I decided to wonder the grounds a bit. The weather was perfect. The sun's rays were bursting through the clouds creating an ideal celestial backdrop. Descending the steps I discovered a courtyard with a beautiful water fountain. I love arches and decided to take advantage of the natural frame they created for the fountain.

Exiting the courtyard I passed through this corridor filled with more arches. It reminded me of a Catholic church I visited in Israel nine years ago this summer. Illuminated by the sun's rays I thought it photo-worthy.Growing up I had a cat named Misty. For those who know my family, you may guess that, like our other pets, we never called Misty by her name. Misty over time evolved to Missy and then finally to Hiss. Misty endured thirteen years of "attention" only to disappear one day from my dad's farm. This stone pillar reminded me of her. If you look closely, you may notice that the birds on either side of the cat are pecking it. Unlike the stone kitty this is a fate Misty narrowly escaped.
One afternoon, Misty followed my mother and I on our evening walk through the neighborhood. While we were walking all these birds starting dive-bombing our feline friend. Until that time, my mom and I had never witnessed birds do something like that. We still talk about it to this day.

They say black is the signature color for Washington and today that statement seemed to ring true. Not only did Kristi and I have black on but Mamma Harbour, Sokpal and what seemed like a majority of the women in the congregation were sporting black. I decided to post this photo so my friends could see the dress I purchased to replace the bridesmaid dress my brother's fiance is trying to force me to wear to the wedding. I think this dress is more elegant and definitely more modest. Unlike the bridesmaid ensemble, I will wear this dress repeatedly.
When I get married I am not having bridesmaids; end of story. Weddings are the biggest pain in the choo-choo train ever. The wedding industry is a machine designed to convince women into spending money on an event that lasts thirty minutes or so only to generate or accumulate more debt then they had prior to the occasion. Eloping is the only way to fight the system, which is exactly what I am going to do. SLC, Nauvoo, Hong Kong (makes no difference) or Bust!!
Ahem... As I was saying, the National Cathedral was beautiful and I felt very fortunate to attend the organ concert on the seventh Sunday after Pentecost, which seems like it could be significant because it involves the number seven and occurred in the seventh month in the two-thousand and seventh year or perhaps I am an idolatrous sign-seeker who needs to repent. Either way, if anyone is interested in taking a tour of the lovely Gothic behemoth I would be happy to join them.

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Happy Eightieth Birthday Grandma!!

Tomorrow my Grandma Kidd will turn eighty-years old. Born in a holler in eastern Kentucky she was the second daughter of Henry Stratton and Mae (King) Stratton. Although another man had expressed his interest in my grandma, the moment she saw my Grandpa Kidd in his Army uniform, she turned to her grandma and said, "That is the man I am going to marry."
A short time later, Jett Lee Kidd was introduced to Reba Alberta Stratton by his parents who knew my grandma quite well. Following a short courtship the two were married. Eight children and sixty-years later my grandmother is still one of the kindest, genuine, hard-working women I know. Her feet have slowed but she loves adventure, taking motorcycle rides with younger men from church and traveling by plane to Florida with my Dad to visit her long-lost cousin. The photo above was taken by my dad during that trip. I think it's one of his fondest memories of her. In re-telling the story he always says, "they were just like two young girls, telling stories and laughing." Although I don't know much about this relative, it's obvious from the photo that my grandmother was close to her because they are holding hands. In case you haven't guessed my grandma is the one with the big straw hat. Isn't she cute?
My grandma has the equivalent of an eighth-grade education, which was five years more than my grandpa had. It's funny to watch her read the paper. When she comes to a word she doesn't know or is unsure of she will spell it out and try to pronounce it.
Raised in the mountains of eastern Kentucky she is also very superstitious and conservative. When my brother and I would visit my grandma she would make us drink Sprite mixed with Karo syrup when we had tummy aches. Thinking about that now makes my stomach hurt and I can't believe my father allowed us to drink that stuff. Aghh! I have to admit, it worked.
To treat nosebleeds, which I had often until I was twelve, she would place scissors in the freezer until they were extremely cold. Then she would place the cold scissors on my bare back. The cold metal made the bleeding stop immediately. I will do the same with my children one day, provided I have any.
My grandmother and her daughters, my aunts, are very conservative in their conversations. There are certain topics you don't discuss openly or in mixed company. For instance, I discuss my period with my dad and brother all the time. However, this would mortify my grandma who refers to it as "wasting" instead of bleeding or menstruating. She is also convinced that menstruating women who venture outside during a rainstorm will shortly take sick and die, because it happened to one of her cousins.
She believes in spirits and other such things and has several spooky ghost stories she loves to tell, when asked.
She is a terrific cook and makes the best homemade applebutter ever. Every fall she picks apples from apple trees my grandpa planted and with my Aunt Lois makes up a big "mess" which she jars for the family.
Although she doesn't spend money on herself, she loves getting clothes and jewelry from her children. My grandpa never bought her anything really nice mainly because they were too poor to afford anything extravagant but we all knew he loved her. In the only video taken of them together my grandparents are sitting on the couch. My grandma has a straw hat on and my grandpa in front of everyone turned to my grandma and said "Sock it to me." In response she totally laid one on him. That was the only time I ever saw them do anything remotely spontaneous or romantic. I will treasure that memory forever and hope one day my elderly husband turns to me after forty years of matrimony and says the same.
For the past two years my grandma has been honored by her congregation for being the eldest member. Everyone refers to her as "Ma Kidd." Her humility and warmth attract so many people. I have not met one person who has uttered an unkind remark about her. She is an angel and I wish I were more like her. She is the embodiment of charity, for she has never sought her own but has only sought the comfort and well-being of her family. All of her children have clean vocabularies, meaning they rarely swear and never in front of my grandma, they don't drink, and they are all extremely hard workers. Even my mother who has little respect for anyone loves and admires my grandma. She has lived to see her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren rise up and call her blessed. I hope one day I can do the same.
I love you Grandma Kidd! Happy eightieth birthday!

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29 and Feeling Fine!

I realize a week has passed since my birthday but I wanted to post this before additional time had passed. Several posts ago, I mentioned Sarina, Stephanie's younger sister organized a birthday party for me. It was the Friday before Sara Anderson's big day, so Sarina, Mamma Harbour, Christine, Hannah and Sara's mom were there to celebrate. It was perfect! Surrounded by people I love and many who I have not seen in years, we started off the night with "the crowning." Sarina put this Happy Birthday crown on my head, while Mamma Harbour snapped photos.

The first two gifts I received came in zebra-stripped bags with my name on each. They were so small I honestly had no clue what could be inside. Much to my surprise each bag had been carefully stuffed with sexy unnies by Mamma Harbour. The last time I received/purchased sexy unnies was high school, so I was stoked. I will spare our readers the details but I love fun lingerie! Few things make a woman feel like a "real" woman but lingerie is one of them. This gift is a clear reminder of why Sarina, Steph and I are friends. We get each other.
When I explained I had received lingerie, to a girlfriend at church, for my birthday she innocently asked, "Well, are you just going to save it until you are married?" I didn't even answer but I will tell you that life is too short to "save" sexy unnies until marriage. I am saving everything else but I don't have to save the unnies. It's not my fault "my" man isn't around or ready or whatever. The first thing Sarina suggested was exactly what I had planned anyway and I am certain Steph would have suggested the same thing. Again...this is why we are friends and NO I am not divulging what my plan is. If you can't figure it out then you don't deserve to know.

Rina brought out a Tiffany & Co. bag and, due to a conversation we had earlier in the evening I was not expecting a blue box to be inside and sure enough, there was not. Instead there was the coolest blue, plastic ring that lights up when you turn the diamond.

After slipping the blue ring on my finger and posing for a few more photos Sarina jumped up and said, "Oh, I forgot something." Leaving the room for a few moments, she returned with this in hand. THE BOX. The box I have been dreaming of for years and years and years. Being the sissy I am I burst into tears. Sarina just hugged me and with the crown, the crying and hugs I felt like Miss America. It was an incredible feeling.

This was the note attached to the box.

Although I visit the Tiffany website frequently I had no idea rings were packaged in small leather pouches before placed inside the infamous boxes. This pouch is so cute and I love it!

Although this is not the greatest shot, I had to include one of the ring. Each Tiffany ring is designated a number and mine is 925. Being a shameless sign-seeker, I concluded the ring was perfect. Why? Because 9+2+5=16 and 1+6=7. I was born in the seventh month and seven is a lucky number. I received the ring in the seventh year of the 21st century and 21, being my ultimate lucky number is divisible by seven three times. So, in summary, this ring, #925, was destined to be mine. I love you Steph, Sabes, and Mamma Harbour for the amazing gifts. I have never had a birthday like this before--ever. If my 29th birthday is a reflection on the remainder of the year I have so many amazing things to look forward to and I can't wait to get started.

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This photo from JCrew's summer catalog, adorns my kitchen cabinets sandwiched between two other advertisements featuring the same model in the same glasses. Gazing at "my" new "man" I can't understand why women don't get my appreciation for men who sport glasses. The man is F-INE and the glasses create a sophisticated edge that me melt. If I saw this man in the flesh I would probably loose my ability to speak. I may be shallow but its really unfortunate men like this can't be ordered from a catalog.

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Ode to Orem

I found this after a phone call from my Dad telling me about it.

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A few weeks ago, "M" approached me about being one of the two new poster girls for an advertising campaign the Marketing department is launching for our company. Although the campaign is strictly internal, a poster and video of moi will be seen by designers, engineers, architects, and planners in thirty-five offices around the U.S. It will also be posted on the company's website so those who desire to repeat the experience can simply click on the link and watch me carry a suitcase through a parking lot. Don't ask.
So, in preparation for tomorrow's photo shoot I decided to do a test run on my hair. Ashley and "M" have already decided they will do my makeup so I didn't bother. However, I did volunteer to do my own hair, thinking I might be able to mimic Miss America's "do" in the poster above, which is who I am supposed to resemble tomorrow.

As you can see with bangs and brown eyes I am a far cry from America's poster girl. However, I have faith in photo shop and the Graphics team whose work is truly miraculous. Believe me, it will take nothing shy of a miracle for everything to come together by tomorrow. Wish me luck and Happy Fourth!!!!

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Why I Love Visiting Teaching...

In my last post I mentioned my Visiting Teachers, Christy Campbell and Sundee Hancock invited Sarina and I over for Sunday dinner and to celebrate my birthday. Never one to pass up a photo op, I decided to take a few pictures of the feast they prepared.
A photo of my dinner plate. When I mentioned I had an affinity for sweet potato casserole, Jesse dished me a generous portion. Hmmm...sweet potatoes. As the photo demonstrates we had pork tenderloin, summer squash and zucchini and french bread with a choice of brie or homemade jam.
Following dinner Christy stuck a candle in the leftover brie and everyone sang "Happy Birthday." I can honestly say this was the best birthday I have ever had! So many surprises.

Sundee baked two homemade apple pies for dessert. They were amazing!! As you can see, not only is she gorgeous but talented too.

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Bond Girl B-day

Although I officially turned 29 at 8:39pm last night, Sarina started the festivities by throwing a party on Friday. It was very intimate with just me and most of the girls who I love dearly. Steph wasn't able to make it but we talked on the phone during the party.
I hate that Sara, Hannah and Christine are already gone and dread the time I have to say goodbye--AGAIN, to Sarina. Everything was perfect. I didn't get photos of the event but Mamma Harbour did so I will blog about it after I get them from her.

Saturday we attended Sara's reception, which I will also blog about later and had a great time. She looked so beautiful in her dress and so happy with her new husband and long time friend.

Yesterday, my official birthday, Rina coerced me into wearing the crown or tiara she bought me on Friday, in church. I did and to my surprise instead of getting weird looks everyone just came up and hugged me. I felt like Miss America. I think every woman should wear a tiara in church at least once. It's fantastic! Plus, the guys seemed to like it.

Because the weather was perfect yesterday Rina and I ditched church early to lay out by the pool. We read the July issues of Lucky and Glamour while working on our tans. We didn't lay out long though because Christy and Sundee invited us over for dinner. I will blog about this later too.

Dinner was delicious, but we couldn't stay long because we were meeting friends at the Harbour's for Scrabble and Trivia Pursuit. Perry kicked our butts at Scrabble. Surprise! Surprise! I also got a copy of Ian Fleming's first Bond Casino Royale, a book I have been meaning to read this summer. Thank You, again!

My co-workers and I celebrated the day by eating lunch at Elevation Burgers. I love it! Located off Lee Highway, it's terrific and the shakes are fabulous. Thinking the festivities had concluded we returned to work. Little did I know, Rhonda had bought a chocolate pie and a cake shaped like a castle. It was so cool! Almost as cool as the beehive cake Sarina got me. Love you Sabes!
The card and the gift, however, were the best part of the entire day! Last Friday, Victoria, a co-worker, took some photos of me for what I believed was a marketing campaign I am involved in. I was so busy working on other things that I didn't even notice or care about what she was doing with the photos.

Today, imagine my surprise, when I get a card with my photo on the front and Sean Connery's on the inside with a caption that reads...well, you can read it (posted above). So cool. My co-workers all signed it and then they handed me my gift. I couldn't believe it. It was the very book I almost purchased last summer at the Spy Museum. What's the saying? "Good things come to those who wait?"
Comparing my photo with Ursala was a more than a little humbling but everyone has to have a dream, no?

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