In Our Garden...

there are bright, red peppers dangling from their vines...
green tomatoes ripening in the sun...
green beans ready for picking and breaking...
butterflies dancing from flower...
to flower...
lady bugs crawling from one leaf to another...
corn growing big and tall...
and a Scarecrow who watches over it all.

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the weather permits, I plan to spend the next week, minus the time I spend at Grandma's, romping around on the Cat Farm.
Prior to my arrival, Dad stocked up on catfish food. Since my last visit, Dad has "trained" the catfish to swim to the banks of the pond for their food. Since he told me about it, weeks ago, I have been dying to witness it.
In the evenings I often visit my favorite spots, usually on the hilltops, where I can sit and think, plucking and shredding blades of grass as thoughts enter and exit my consciousness. When I was in high school this hilltop was my favorite.
There's a small fish pond surrounded by a stand of trees. An oak tree stands at the head of the pond, it's branches providing the perfect canopy of shade on a sunny afternoon. I like this spot so much we buried Jordan, our Golden Retriever, there . I also like the view it provides of the farmhouse.
During my last stay, I ventured to the opposite side of the farm. Dad prefers the view from this hilltop which is located behind the farmhouse. In May, I discovered two wild turkeys roaming around on this hillside. When I tried to approach them they "flew" or soared out of reach. Afterward, I likened the turkeys to my goals; whenever I get close they seem to move just beyond my reach and yet, I still find myself running, sometimes blindly with arms flailing, to reach them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
For now, I'm happy to be back on the Cat Farm with nothing to do but adore the cats, work in the garden, roam the hills and feed the catfish.

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If Only It Could Fly...

Over virgin strawberry daiquiris Amanda invited me to attend her family's cookout in St. Rose, Louisiana in celebration of the Fourth. At first I wasn't sure if I should accept or reject her generous invitation. I worked Friday, one of two souls in the entire office, and I am still trying to catch-up on much needed sleep.
My sleep deprivation began three-weeks ago with Scrapin' the Coast and has continued for various reasons since. Allow me to explain Scrapin' the Coast.
The Gulf Coast is often referred to as "The Redneck Riveria," and Scrapin' the Coast is one of the many reasons behind the name. Imagine, if you can, because believe me it's not pleasant, thousands of young men descending on one strip of highway, parking cars along the street, playing loud music, bass booming, lyrics unintelligible...Next imagine other men dragging the highway, stopping at traffic lights to squeal their tires so spectators, resembling contemporary cavemen, can hollar and blare fog horns.
Now imagine young women, who should find this behaviour repulsive, dressed scantily, swingin' around stripper poles, said cavemen have mounted in their truck beds. Sound like fun to you?
Now imagine, sweet Amber lying in her princess bed trying to sleep. What kind of thoughts do you think were running through sweet Amber's head? If you were thinking unkind, naughty thoughts involving rocket launchers and bull horns you would be correct.
This event had such an impression on me, I currently equate it with sleep deprivation, which is surprisingly a popular topic of conversation.
Imagine my surprise when Amanda's family members bragged about her cousin Adam's fortune of placing 1st at Scrapin' the Coast. Imagine the difficulty Amber experienced trying to express her congratulations to Adam who also owns a truck with E.T. painted on the hood and the truck bed.
Imagine how difficult it was for Amber to suppress her laughter and colorful commentary regarding "Grandpaw's Heartbeat E.T. II" displayed on the tail-gate of the truck.
If there's an E.T. II that implies there's an E.T. I, right? How can this be? How is it possible there are two E.T. trucks on this planet? Maybe the other exists on a planet far outside earth's orbit? I don't know.
If this is "Grandpaw's Heartbeat" does that mean E.T. I is "Grandmaw's?" Adam is not the original owner of E.T. II. Did the previous owner relinquish their ownership because something happened to Grandpaw? I don't know if these questions will ever be answered.
After "admiring" the truck's impressive paint job, the only thing I could manage to offer in all seriousness was, "if only it could fly."

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Thirty-One is Tons of Fun!

Wednesday I turned thirty-one. Hooray! I walked into work and found this surprise waiting for me on my desk. It's a yellow cake with chocolate-chip frosting. The Diamondhead symbol is the red design in the top-left corner.

Diamondhead is a planned community that began in the Eighties attracting NASA scientists working at Stennis Space Center. It's located in Hancock County, Mississippi and was the first area Amanda, Hugh and I surveyed.

Amanda and I LOVE DIAMONDHEAD; from the Polynesian-inspired architecture to the cool font on the water tower to the Playboy bunny stained glass window. Diamondhead is truly amazing!

In addition to my beautiful cake, Lisa, decorated my cubicle with streamers, confetti and tinsel. It was beautiful! I included this photo so my friends can see what my office area looks like. I am not permitted to bring visitors into the office and Stephanie has mentioned she would like to see where I work. Not impressive but I like it!
I asked Amanda to take a photo with the cake because everyone should know the genius behind this masterpiece. Thanks Amanda!

The workday kept getting better with lunch at Fergenes Pizza and flowers from Stephanie and Dad.

I will post more photos later. Just wanted to say thanks to all my friends and family for making my thirty-first birthday so wonderful!

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