So, I'm sitting here in this little coffee shop tonight studying and suddenly there are teenagers. They come in droves, you know. Tonight I seem to have encountered the intellectual teenage crowd. They are all attempting to speak HS Sophomore level French to each other. I can't help but wonder if I did this at that age. I know that we went to coffee shops and pretended to be sophisticated. We spent hours sipping hot chocolate (or lattes for my friends) discussion our HS views of the universe. It was truly astounding that people didn't just shoot us out of sheer annoyance. I'm pondering the necessity of these few. Perhaps they are expendable. :) That counts as an adventure, right?

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And we WIN!!!!

I'm so excited! Alex scored two goals and I aquired my first official "I love Alex! #8" t-shirt. Fun night for all. Boyd filled in for Sarina with Rae and we had a blast! Turns our Karl's roomie Scott is a bunch of fun! I love Gwen for getting us these tickets! There were some tense moments at the very end of the game but all in all we did well. I read a prediction that we wouldn't win more than 25 games this season. I don't agree. I think we're young and I don't expect to have a killer season but I think we'll be solid. Looks like, in our insanity, Gwen and I will be going with Amber to another game on Friday! I wish they had cheap seats for football! Ok. That is the end of my exclamation extravaganza!!! GO CAPS!!!!

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I just decided to pre-blog the event. :) lol. More later.Yahooo!!!!

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A Quiz about me!!

So, I made this little quiz. lol. Everyone try it! It should be fun. :)


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I love hockey!!!

Boo is so much the more responsible person in this relationship!! lol. I decided to blow off another night that I should have been cleaning my room and go to ANOTHER hockey game w/ Gwen. It turned out very well. :) We were standing in line and two guys approaced us, asking if we were looking for tickets. We hesistated and then one of them said, "We just have extra tickets that we didn't want to waste and you are welcome to them." We decided, "Why not?". Turns out the tickets were for center ice, club level! So good! And, much to Gwens delight, Forsberg dressed for the Flyers. Great game. We ended up going all the way into sudden death shoot out and then lost to the Flyers 7-6. Hot, hot game! I can't wait until you are all as addicted as I'm getting. Home opener Wednesday night here we come!!!

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