Burberry Boo

My colleague, Amanda, who I call Mandy-Pants, has bestowed a new nickname upon me. Instead of calling me Boo, she calls me Burberry. I'm not sure why she associates the Burberry label with me, but would like to consider it a generous commentary on my sense-of-style and my love of fashion. Although I don't own any Burberry clothing or accessiories, I embrace and appreciate the nickname just the same.

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Happy Birthday to My Brother...

our Turkey Day baby. Twenty-eight years ago, while my Mother was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for Dad and I, Josh decided to join us. Mom insisted Dad run the unfinished turkey and I to the Godfrey's before taking her to the hospital. Dad tried to dissuade her, but my Mother was insistent, and anyone who knew my Mother, also knows she usually got what she wanted.
Sister Godfrey finished baking the turkey while Mom delivered hers. I know I don't relate the story quiet like my Mother did, but I couldn't let the day pass without sharing, briefly, how my brother came into this world. I love you Harry! I can't imagine what life would be like without you to share it with.

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Six Months and Counting

On Wednesday, November 19th I celebrated my six month anniversary. When I left Washington in May I anticipated I would only be in Biloxi for three months. I was informed, upon accepting my deployment, that if my supervisor was pleased with my performance I would have the opportunity for an extension.
Three months passed and my contract was extended. Since then, our team has commenced the intensive survey of the first of seven counties we are committed to.
Although the duration of my contract is uncertain I have to admit I am grateful for the opportunity I've had to live and work in Mississippi. I look forward to spending another six months on the Coast, anticipating a Thanksgiving in Alabama, a Cajun Christmas and my first Mardi Gras in the Big Easy. No matter what the future holds I will never forget my time by the sea and the memories I've made here.

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A few weeks ago I posted a blog in anticipation of Halloween and a love reading I received almost two years ago. To satisfy the curiosity of those who may be wondering what the holiday yielded I am a little disappointed to admit my status as a single adult has not change. Mr. Right did not appear promising to change my life forever. Instead, I received a telephone call from my Uncle Jerry saying that my Aunt Nancy passed away.
Since receiving that call, I have often looked at the photo above picturing my Mother, Great-Grandma Elliott, Nancy and myself. As of October 30th I am the only woman in the photo living. They have all gone and left me behind; a single woman without her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and now aunt to guide her through the decisions she will face in life. Often I am tempted to think I have been robbed but, despite my feelings, the hard truth remains, they are gone and no matter how I mourn for them or pray for a quick reunion nothing can change that.
Looking through the photos I have scanned, since my Mother's passing, I noticed I have more photos of my Mother and Nancy together than I do of my Mother and I. Despite the thirteen month age difference between them, many often mistook them for twins.

Nancy was tall and slender with darker hair while my Mother was shorter, fluffier and blond.

Following my Mom's death, Josh, Lauren, Dad and I discovered letters Nancy had written to my Mom when they were younger. Reading them aloud was a bittersweet experience. I think Josh said it best, "The hardest part about life is living after those we love die." I couldn't agree more.
Although Nancy and Jerry never lived close to us, they would often visit. I remember the first Christmas present I received from them; a Snoopy piggy bank. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. In fact, I still have it; cracked head and all.
When they moved to Alexandria, VA Mom piled us in the car for a road trip to the "big city." Nancy and Jerry loved to tease us about being country bumpkins. I still have the video recording of our Fourth of July holiday with them in DC. Although I am grateful for the wonderful memories we made I deeply regret missed opportunities to make more.
Unlike my Mother, my Aunt Nancy had been suffering from a terminal illness for years. Battling the final stages of Huntington's disease, we realized Nancy's time was short. No one, especially her children, ever expected my Mother would proceed Nancy in death. We worried how Nancy's death would affect my Mother but never, ever assumed she would be the first to leave.
My Mother left us on January 30th. Precisely nine months later my Mother came for her sister. Although I rejoice they are together, and suspect are having a wonderful time, I feel a little left out; like I did when they would spend hours together in the bathroom doing their hair and makeup dismissing me because there wasn't enough counter space or they wanted to talk. I was always the younger, less experienced, naive, ugly duckling, Amber who felt so inferior in their presence. They were the most beautiful, sophisticated women I knew and I wanted more than anything to be just like them. Who do I look to now? How will my children ever understand and appreciate the women who proceeded them and shaped my life forever? How can I possibly fill the gap their absence has created in my heart; in my life?
Being the last Elliott woman, at least in the photo, remaining, I only hope I can do as Jerry counseled, continue the legacy they perpetuated; become a woman of beauty, intelligence and strength.

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Choice Desserts

In response to Steph's birthday request, I baked my favorite cookies made from Lehi Roller Mills pumpkin chocolate chip cookie mix. Yummy! I love you Fall! I love you LRM!
Thanks Steph for giving me an excuse to bake. I hope this is only the beginning of what proves to be a wonderful year for you. I know I always say this, but I sincerely hope all your wishes come true. Love you!

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I have an idea.

It's posted on my other blog. But here are the basics.

Tomorrow I'll be 31. I'm wildly depressed. What helps depression? Eating, of course.


This is a call to eat. Tomorrow, eat one thing (or several) that you love. Take a picture and then share it. Email, blog, whatever.

But I want people to eat and enjoy themselves to honor that I am OLDER THAN DIRT.

Go forth and eat, folks. I demand it of you.

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Honey Rider...

is the Bond girl I aspire to be.
This post is in response to a news link Steph emailed me yesterday. In anticipation for the release of the latest Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, which I just finished reading, Fox News posted an article picturing the top Bond girls of all time. Ursula Andress, pictured above, is my absolute favorite. If I could resemble any of Bond's lovers Honey Rider would be it. With long blond hair and a killer figure, Honey Rider is the perfect embodiment of Bond's ideal woman in every way. With three days remaining until 007 latest adventures, let us not forget previous Bond girls who set the standard; one that I can only dream of achieving.

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Phil Vassar Friday

Last night my new friend Ben called and invited me to the Phil Vassar concert at the Hard Rock Casino. In fifteen minutes, I changed clothes, applied makeup, participated and completed two phone conversations and found a parking space, which wasn't easy, setting a record in my book.
Walking in I found a room full of energy. Ben and I had a blast singing and dancing along with the crowd. When the band covered AC/DC I went crazy. I love "You Shook Me All Night Long" and become an absolute maniac on the dance floor when I hear it. Instead of being impressed, Ben just laughed at my killer dance moves.
The concert ended much too soon so we decided to do a little shopping at the Hard Rock and then grab a late bite at the "Awful House." One of the things I appreciate about Ben is he's from Georgia and, as a fellow Southerner, recognizes the Waffle House is an important institution in the South and unlike McDonald's, which closes at midnight, stays open 24-7. Since hanging out Ben and I have actually closed a McDonald's.
Our waitress was terrific! She was extremely patient with me and totally took my side when the chef said the hash browns were exactly what I wanted. NOT!
I can't imagine what she thought about the two of us, especially after my vocal rendition of Sally's restaurant scene from, When Harry Met Sally, per Ben's request, of course. To heighten the situation, he tried to climb under the table so he would get the credit for instigating said scene. As if...

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Alternative to Charmain

Tonight I used credit card receipts located in my interior wallet pocket, good thing I didn't clean it out, to wipe my bebope. You may now call me the McGuvyer el bano.

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