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Over the weekend a headline appeared on LDS.Org declaring Temple Square to be Utah's numero uno tourist attraction. DUH! Not only does Temple Square have over 150 gorgeous sister missionaries on site to assist all who enter therein, the Spirit is truly incredible. Mormons are not the only ones that recognize this. :) Although I retired my name tag over five years ago, I still get excited each time I read about the SLC Temple Square Mission.
Every General Conference I tear up remembering how wonderful it was to serve the Lord "in the tops of the mountains." There are some members of the LDS church who chide me about serving on Temple Square. Not only is it hurtful, its plain wrong. Many tease I did not serve a "real" mission. This is ridiculous. If the Lord through His prophet declared Temple Square a mission than its a "real" mission. I am humbled each time I think about the miracles I witnessed as I served people "from all nations of the earth." I know the Lord will continue to lead people to Temple Square because He wants all to come closer to Him. (I am not saying Temple Square is the only place where people can draw closer to the Savior. Don't even go there.) I just hope Temple Square will continue to be a magnet for those seeking peace and miracles. I LOVE YOU TEMPLE SQUARE!

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