It's Everywhere Actually

I fell in love with Love Actually almost one year ago. Steph and Rina Bean introduced the movie to me and I instantly fell in love with the perv Rock Star, the hot office mate, and Hugh Grant's dance scene, to the Pointer Sisters, no less, a childhood favorite of mine.
In addition I totally relate to Natalie whose ex told her she had tree trunks for legs and a rather large "ass." Well genius look who ended up with the Prime Minister. Wish all girls with hamhock legs and junk in their trunk could say the same.
Rae and I watched it Thanksgiving night and then Kate was playing the soundtrack tonight in her car. I knew I needed to share. Enjoy!!

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Spy Museum...More Like Lie Museum

In May of 2005 I had the privilege to meet Stephen Weil, scholar emeritus for the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Weil was giving a presentation on "Rethinking the Museum and other Meditations" a subject he devoted the last years of his life to. In his obituary The Washington Post included this quote, "The boundaries defining a museum have become very loose these days," he said. "Polemical museums can certainly be very much a part of the mix. Museums are instruments or tools to carry out particular goals. People have agendas, and a museum is one way to advance an agenda. A privately funded museum doesn't have to give equal time."
In addition to discussing the changing nature of the museum Mr Weil also categorized museums according to their function or purpose. There are basically two types of museums; one whose primary mission is the care and collection of artifacts to be used for education and the other for entertainment. Museums whose primary agenda is to entertain are often privately funded. Privately funded museums often have healthier budgets. Able to afford expensive and showy exhibits they attract more patrons than a state or locally funded history or natural science museum does. The primary goal is not education but entertainment.
The Spy Museum can safely be categorized as an entertainment museum. With a ticket fee of $15/person the Spy Museum promises stories of intrigue and spy technology information. From the moment one enters until they are herded into the museum shop, a prevailing theme is repeated, "all spies live a lie. Spies often tell small lies because they live a lie everyday."
Interviews with CIA personnel broadcast on television screens throughout the museum echoed the same message. If you don't have nerves of steel and are unable to lie you could never do this job...the job of a spy.
Perhaps this is true. I honestly don't know the first thing about the requirements or the dangers of "collecting intelligence." I do know this. There are hundreds of children who tour that museum daily. What message are they being taught, "Its ok to live a lie because the most courageous and intelligent American citizens do just that. Its ok to tell small lies because if you work for the FBI or CIA that's what you'll be doing all the time anyway. Ridiculous.
There is nothing I value more in a person, an institution, an idea, than truth. If one can not be honest with God and self what is the meaning of their lives? For what purpose do they exist? If one can not be trusted what value do their words possess?
The museum has incredible potential. Its entertaining and informative. A little too much propaganda for my liking but everyone has an agenda. Although there were stories about the consequences of spies who lied for the wrong side, they did not sufficiently express the importance of honesty and loyalty to one's country and fellow Americans. If more honesty existed among men, countries and nations the nature of collecting intelligence would change. Then, perhaps, spies wouldn't have to live lies.

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S.A.D. 2006

I promised ages ago that I would blog these photos for my Rae and Boo. So! Here they are! This dinner was a blast. My favorites:

1) Our Coke

We never leave home w/o it.

2) Melissa! I love her!

Melissa and Me!

3) Perry. Seriously. Smartest drummer in the history of the world.

Perry the Drummer

4) Bill, Alisa and lap-dancing

Bill and Alisa

5) Barefoot. But not yet pregnant.


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Double Oh My...

This weekend Rae, Kim, Kate and I enjoyed Casino Royal. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Daniel Craig and a blonde Bond but Craig as Bond was nice. Real nice. Connery had the voice, Brosnan the looks but Craig conveys this raw sexuality that Bond, as I imagine him, would exude.
Primal, is another way to describe him. Either way, I included this photo as evidence I am not crazy and for your drooling, I mean, viewing pleasure.
Although I was thrilled with Craig, I was less than impressd with Green as Vespa Lynn, or whatever her name is. She was not convincing and lacked the sensuality a true Bond girl possess. She was too boney and her "girls" looked granny. Honestly, I can't decide which aspect of her character was more unfortunate; her eye makeup or her saggy cleavage. I imagine every woman in the theatre was thinking the same thing. If not, they will upon seeing it again.
As an aspiring Bond girl, this was very frustrating to witness. Throughout the entire movie I couldn't help but think, "If only they had discovered me first. I would be crying in the shower with Bond, or I could be making love to James on the beach." I sure as hell wouldn't have been a cry baby. Bond girls don't cry...they make others do that. Bond girls are smart, sexy, sassy, mysterious, athletic, skilled in everything (that includes hair, makeup & fashion Ms Lynn), and voluptuous. I digress.
Returning to Bond:
Not only does he have great hair and killer blue eyes, which look unreal during the car chase scene, but he looks amazing in bowties. It may be a little difficult to see in this photo but, trust me, he's wearing one behind that big gun.
My friends are always teasing me about my attraction to men in bowties and glasses. Well, this Bond wears both. See photo below.
I don't want to reveal too many plot details but I will admit this...
Torture has never looked so good and sweatpants are incredibly sexy.

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What's in a Name?

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name

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My Kid Brother

I was only a little over two years old when you were born in Ogden on Thanksgiving day. Mom and Dad still love to tell the story about your birth. Mom was so worried about the turkey she took me and the bird over to the Godfrey's house on their way to the hospital. Unlike me, you were anxious to come into this world. You had mom's blonde hair and hazel eyes. Uncle Jerry still loves to talk about your egg head. Thank goodness it didn't stay that way.
I loved you from the beginning and was glad to help mom take care of bubby. Aunt Nancy's favorite story is when I managed to get you out of your crib, when you were crying and carry you down the hall, past the bathroom door, where Mom and Aunt Nancy spotted me carrying you like a football under my arm.
Everyone bragged that we were the best children and were amazed that we got along so well. Naturally this didn't last but I still remember how close we were back then.
When Mom and Dad our relationship was the only thing that was consistent. No matter what happened nothing could change the fact that you were my brother and I was your sister. We were in it together. Life wasn't easy for us. Dad was always gone and Mom was working nights and finishing nursing school. We had babysitter after babysitter who didn't give a rat's ass what we were doing. We fought a lot. You thought I was bossy. I was trying to help you out and keep you from getting into trouble. I thought you were lazy. You thought I was uptight. Through it all we still remained close.
Then I went away to BYU and you moved to Georgia. This was the first time we were ever apart and it was just as hard on me as it was for you. Dad says you often felt like I abandoned you but if I could have, I would have taken you with me. I worried and prayed for you constantly and still do.
You changed so much in Georgia. Church was no longer an interest for you. You traded in Petula Clark for NIN and other music I don't care for. You rebeled and worried Dad constantly. When you graduated from high school we all felt we'd witnessed a miracle.
After graduation and a slew of bad relationships, nice to know even you have them, you met Lauren. Although she didn't seem like your type, i.e. long, blonde hair, model-thin, younger, etc. she was good for you. It has been interesting watching your relationship with her grow. Seeing my influence on you decrease as hers increases.
Although we often tease you are the most selfish member of our family, I have watched in awe as you have offered Lauren selfless love. The transformation love can have on a person is incredible. Over the last four years, I have often felt our relationship change. Now you confide in Lauren. Instead of sharing things with me, she often speaks to me on your behalf. I love Lauren and its fun to have a sister I just don't want to loose my brother in the change.
Since your diagnoses we have often worried the implications it would have on your relationship and your future. It has been such a blessing seeing Lauren remain by your side through it all, i.e. the surgery and recovery. I have no doubt she will stay by you no matter what happens. I know she loves you and that makes me love her even more.
Saturday morning you called me with some exciting news. The night before you asked Lauren to be your wife. Being the typical man you are, I had to get the engagement details from your fiancee. I was so proud, and a little envious, when she told me you took her to a restaraunt in a historic home for dinner. Because she requested a private proposal you waited until the two of you were alone before you asked. Lauren said you were nervous. I think that's cute. I know she's happy and I hope you are too.
You fiancee asked me to be a bridesmaid at your wedding. I am not sure how I feel about that. I would prefer to be your best man, because I feel like I know you better than anyone but I'm sure that would embarrass you so I'll be a bridesmaid.
Lauren says the date is August 4. 2007. Did you know that is the same day I went into the MTC? I told Lauren but I don't think she really understood. Its ok. It just seems that every significant even in my life happens on the 4th or 24th of the month. Your wedding is one of the most important things that will ever happen and I am so excited you chose that date.
I am also glad you are getting married in Berea. I know how much that means to Dad and honestly I can't wait to eat spoon bread at your reception. You know me, I always get excited about the food. Anyway, its exactly the wedding I would choose for myself if I weren't getting married in the temple. That is, if I get married. :)
I love you Joshie. I am so glad we've made it this far. I hope no matter what happens in this life, you will always think of me as your sister and friend. I wish you peace and happiness as you embark on this new phase in your life. Please remember sissy will always be there when you need her.

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So Long Jack

I've never been a huge fan of westerns but I love Billy Crystal's 1990's spoof on the genre. From Norman, the calf, to Curly, the hardass cowboy, City Slickers is a classic. Incidently Palance won an Oscar for his role as Curly.
This afternoon CNN posted Jack had moseyed on to that big ranch in the sky. Although I am not familiar with a lot of his movies, I am going to miss ol' Jack. In my opinion Tinsel Town could use more actors of his calibar and character.
Witnessing the celebrities our parents grew up with pass away is a sad reminder, by extension, they are getting older too. Soon, our generation will be where our parents are now and so on and so forth. long Jack. Thanks for the memories and the laughs. As long as I'm watching City Slickers you will not be forgotten.

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The Adventures Continue

Friday night, as Kim and I were helping Steph load her car, I had a brief conversation with Steph's dad about blessings. Brother Harbour is constantly teasing me about speaking in church, something I have not done since I moved from Georgia. I declined the invitation to speak with a promise I would do it in January. He smiled and agreed that would be fine.
The subject of our conversation, however, is something that I ponder quiet a bit. Although I gripe a lot about the sad state of the world and its injustice I know I have so much to be grateful for.
My first Thanksgiving as a missionary, Sister Winwood (the mission president's wife) taught, "Gratitude is a mark of greatness." I have always tried to remember that.
One of the greatest blessings I've enjoyed since moving to DC is Steph's friendship. She often jokes our friendship was born in a bathroom, and so it was. I can still remember that first December day we spent together. She offered me a ride to Langley and picked me up at West Falls Church. A trend that would continue for thirteen months of our friendship. Although she told me she would arrive in a suburban I was surprised when she came barreling through the lanes of the Kiss and Ride. As I opened the door I kept thinking to myself, "Dear Lord, what have I done and what kind of people live here?" On the flip-side she probably thought I was a weirdo in my Garbo black hat and my bathroom stage fright.
Steph put me at ease almost immediately. She struck me as one of the most "real" people I had ever met and that appealed to me.
In the twenty-two months we've been friends we've endured so much together. Failed relationships, triumphs, disappointments, three moves, loss of friends, disagreements and so much more. She is my Ya Ya sister to the end.
We both kid that we were broken when we met and that's true. Looking back I can't believe how far we've both come. I could have never made it through five semesters without you. You kept me sane and helped me trust when I felt like all was lost.
I often tell you I have never had a friend like you. One who calls me just because she feels like it and not because she has a reason. It wasn't until I met you that I was able to do the same and, at times, I still struggle with that.
You showed me what it means to be fearless. You make a decision about love and you go for it, trusting and risking all. Although I could never do that, I stand in awe each time you do.
I have learned so much about relationships and myself because of our friendship and know I will learn so much more in the years to come. Thanks for all you've shared with me.
The photo above was taken during our last adventure together, (sorry Steph, but a trip to Wal-Mart does not an adventure make). We decided to travel up to Skyline Drive to see all the pretty fall leaves. Taking Rae, Kim and Hugh with us we all piled into Kim's suv for the trip.
Rae took this photo as we were posing for another. Good job Rae Rae.
I decided to use this photo of us because, let's face it, my hair looks amazing (thank you Manuel) and it is one of the few photos Steph and I have taken together that has actually turned out. We are horrible at self-portraits despite all our practice and we still have not managed to take one we both like. However, this photo will do until we have another adventure and can try again.
Although she is en route to Montana and I am in DC the Adventures of Bond Girl and Iron Bladder will never end. In fact, it's only the beginning.

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The Perfect Man for Me

Last night before Stephanie's farewell party, I decided to check my mail for the first time this week. Since moving to Halstead I check my mail once or twice a week. I have two reasons for doing so. 1: I usually do not receive letters from friends or family and 2. It takes me over ten minutes to get to my mailbox and back. A little inconvenient if I do say so myself.
However, last night, to my surprise I found a card from Rina Bean. She is the sweetest little sister or "blister," as Steph lovingly refers to her, anyone could have.
Inside the card was a picture of Channing Tatum. You may recognize him as the lead in Step Up and She's the Man. The card read, "Hey, Sabes- I found your man. :) Unfold the magazine article and look for the highlighted part. I found it one night at work. :) Love Sarina"
The magazine article had a short interview transcription beside Tatum's photo. After reading the series of questions and answers I finally reached the highlighted portion of the interview.
In purple it read, "Case in point: Your favorite movie is The Goonies." Channing's response, "I can recite every line. "Down here, it's our time!"
What can I say? Great minds think alike. Wish I could add great bodies think alike also but I don't think it would be appropriate. For those interested in seeing more of Channing's gorgeous body I suggest a google image search. There is one of him standing in a pond with nothing but a hat and boots on. It's pretty incredible. The amount of abs shots on this guy are endless. Good to know camera film is being put to good use on a southern man (Alabama) like Tatum.
Anyway, thanks Sabes for thinking of me. I love you and think its sweet that you would even pair me with a hunk like Channing.

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Where I've been...

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

I have some random states missing from my 74% but I'm nearly to my "All 50" goal!!

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