Possible definitions: 1. a phrase used to describe the clothing style of, Lawrence, better known as Chunk, a principle character in the movie, The Goonies.
2. an adjective Josh, my younger brother, commonly used to describe me, his elder sister until the tables turned. Does his sister tease and torment him about his softer physique? No.
Although I haven't used the phrase for awhile, it has recently creeped back into my daily conversation, dragging with it, "holy cow" and "folks." I never referred to people as "folks" before but for some reason I have been saying folks a lot, when describing a group of people.
Holy cow, for those who know me, has been around a little longer, perhaps too long and I just can't seem to shake it no matter how hard I try. I think holy cow is attractive because it's convenient and it's not a phrase people use much today. It belongs more to the '90's.
Chunk-style reappeared last week while I was in the elevator at work. I was complaining to Mia that I felt like I was gaining weight. This, I believe was a false alarm. My pants, now that I have finished surfing the crimson wave, fit fine; just like they used to. Last Friday I even purchased a new pair of jeans a size smaller than I normally buy. This made me very happy. I think I have shared the news with everyone and for those I wasn't able to reach; well, now ya know.
Chunk-style is the perfect union of two words; a union that can produce impressive results. Mia, for instance, giggled when she heard it. Others, have done the same. It has brought brief moments of joy and enlightenment to many and although his teasing had a negative impact on my self-esteem as a child, in retrospect, my brother could have and did call me much worse. I love you Shaggy.
I am not sure how new words are added to Webster's dictionary but if I were Webster I would definitely include the phrase Chunk-style in my 2009 edition. I guarantee within six months of publication it would be the hottest phrase to hit American dialogue in decades.

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Sandra D and the Half Ghost

Although it's a little fuzzy, this is my favorite photo Mel snapped of friend and I at Slade's Halloween party. Although many asked if "friend" was dressed as the man in Rendition he was actually a half-ghost, a feat not many people can accomplish but something he did very well. I was really impressed and the gingham...well, I believe it superior to a plain white pillowcase.
I was dressed as Sandra D. from Grease. I borrowed the idea from Jacqueline who went as Sandy two years ago. I even ordered pom poms from a cheerleading supply store and have been practicing cheers I did in high school since receiving them in the mail. Although we didn't stay at Slade's party long, I enjoyed seeing all the costumes and hanging out with "friend." With the Trick or Treat Meet & Greet scheduled for work Wednesday and the Decatur House Ghosts & Spirits party that evening, I believe this could be the best Halloween ever!

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Another George...

I am totally crazy about is George Clooney. Did you know he is from Kentucky? That's right! A southern gentleman, he is. From his voice, to his style, to his mannerisms. Sigh. I could watch Clooney all night.

Last night Brett and I saw the movie Michael Clayton after an evening of shopping and dining at Nordstrom's Cafe, where I believe I converted another soul to the Cafe fan club. I can't get enough of the grilled chicken and strawberry salad. It is amazing!

I also believe I found a skirt for Desiree's wedding. This is not the first evening I have enlisted Brett's help. He has been so patient with me; waiting as I shopped, offering advice. He's the best home teacher ever, even when he threatens to throw me out of his moving vehicle or tells me he's buying a gun to keep me from visiting his home or makes me walk home from the metro. I always appreciate spending time with Brett.

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This song, for me, is like heroin. I can't stop!

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School Spirit

A Colonial and proud of it!

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My Saturday in Photos

Three Saturdays a month you may find me at the Decatur House. Last Saturday I decided to document the day through photos. The first photo is of Cindy and the fabulous golden pumpkin we discovered in the closet. I couldn't resist. Cindy and I were in the same program at GW. She will graduate May of 2008. Almost there!
Per Cindy's suggestion I snapped this photo of the kitchen window (exterior). Although it's difficult to see, the leaf is suspended in a spider web, which gave the home an even spookier feel.

The first amendment is a beautiful thing and something I witness every Saturday as protesters congregate to share their messages in front of the White House. This citizen obviously has a strong affinity for Dick.

A sign fall has arrived in Washington. I love this tree. I always save a leaf each fall to keep. This year I chose a leaf that had fallen from this tree. My luck a dog pissed on it before I picked it up but I'm trying not to think about that.

Every Saturday I enjoy watching a game of street hockey during my breaks. Last Saturday I captured a shot of this player waiting for his teammate to pass the puck. Although I tried to get a profile shot I had to settle for this. Not bad. I'm sure he's married though.

A wedding reception has been scheduled every Saturday I have worked at the Decatur House. Last Saturday there was a wedding and reception. The bride was lovely, her dress was gorgeous and even the brides maids' dresses were tasteful. This is a photo of the simple decorations the florists used to accent the home's entrance where guests arrived around 5pm. Lovely, no?

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Dave Adams is...

a man who knows how to keep it real; something the world is in desperate need of. In fact, if more men (and may I add women) kept it real, society holistically would improve. Mankind would enjoy more peace. Communication would be honest or "real" because no one would be hiding behind false pretenses. People wouldn't have to pretend to be something or someone they are not and would ultimately experience an increase of happiness. Keeping it real yields innumerable benefits but it must begin with the individual. Men like Dave know this.
So I honor him today for his "realness." Dave Adams is a "real" man because he keeps it real.

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The Great Pumpkin

Halloween is almost here and in celebration of the great holiday, Jerry, Corey and I attended Claudio & Sandra's Pumpkin Chunkin' party at their lovely home near Wolftrap. Although there were some amazing pumpkins I believe Corey's carving took top prize, making it the greatest pumpkin of the evening. I got a photo with the artist however, I vowed I would not post it on the blog unless I received permission first; see I really am a nice person. Posted below are a few of the others from this evening.
Giogio outfitting her pumpkin with a toupee.
A wall of master pumpkins.

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Flashback Friday

This photo was taken in December of 2001, eleven months after I returned from my mission. Every lady pictured in the photo, including the bride, served with me on Temple Square. It's amazing how much time has passed and how much I have changed since then. My perspectives and subsequent expectations of relationships, marriage and education were so different then. Sometimes I wish I could go back and warn my former self, the woman in this photo, of the dangers that await her, or the better decisions to make that would yield happier results. They say that all things happen for a reason. I would like to believe that is true. I must believe that is true for it's one of the only explanations that provide a sense of meaning to otherwise senseless life-events. With all of the sealings scheduled for December I could not resist posting this photo for Flashback Friday in remembrance of a reception I attended long ago on a cold evening in December.

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I Know the Artist's Parents

Saturday evening Corey and I had dinner with my Uncle Jerry, who is the best Uncle in the entire universe. After dinner we walked Jerry to his place and chatted a bit. While there, Jerry showed us photos of this artwork and guess what? I know the artist's parents. I house-sat for Steve and Susan two years straight. Steve, the artist's father, took photos while attending Burning Man.
Jerry had this terrific coffee table book with photos of 2007's events. Although I spent a week in a nudist colony even I felt a little violated as each page displayed a new set of testicles or breasts; sometimes there were several on a page. Yikes! My virgin eyes.
Although the probability that I will attend Burning Man are slim to none, I appreciate the artwork, and especially my connection to this artist. Life is good.

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It's True

I have been asked to be a bride's maid for the second time this year and this is the top I will be wearing. Since the wedding is scheduled for December 21 I will have to be diligent about altering the top to fit just so. Although it's different, I am excited to wear it out after the sealing. I think it will be perfect date or club wear, not that I really go clubbing, but things change and I am hoping 2008 will be even better than 2007 has been. Wishful thinking? We'll see.

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Although I love Elevation Burger, thanks to Rhonda, I have found a new favorite lunch venue. Valentino's in Alexandria is amazing! They have the best bbq chicken pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Hands-down! Why is it the best? Because it doesn't have onions on it and the bbq sauce is quality. Not only that one slice is sufficient. I am so in love with this place I can't wait to take Steph and Rina the next time they are in town. You guys will love it!
Not only is the food terrific but the wait staff is so cool. The Bono look-alike took our order. I love his glasses and that he allowed us to take his photo. I seriously couldn't stop singing Angel of Harlem, one of my favorites.

You may recognize this lovely lady from previous posts. Ms. Ashley decided to borrow my camera and take some photos on our ride back to the office. Even with her nose scrunched she is a total hottie. I would die to be as photogenic as this chicken. Bgawk.

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Paul Potts

Apparently Rae had blogged this ages ago. I don't know how I missed this story. But for those of you who haven't seen this performance, I'll share now. I have to say it's probably one of the most inspirational moments I've seen in ages.

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A Belated Tribute...

to the Alpha Secretary; Ms. Moneypenny. Saturday, September 29th was a sad day, indeed for Bond fans across the globe, when news broke of Lois Maxwell's passing. She was 80. During her acting career she starred in 14 Bond movies. According to Roger Moore, "She was always fun and she was wonderful to be with."
Although no one can replace her, it will be interesting to see who will be selected to star as Moneypenny in future Bond films. Wish it could be me.

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