Hermann's Hermit

As a favor to my Uncle Jerry, a man I will be indebted to for the rest of my mortal existence, I cat sit/house watch the Hermann's home. The tradition began last June and continued this summer when Steve Hermann called me once again about watching Samson and Delila. Steve is a successful lawyer in a downtown DC firm and his wife, Suzanne Ross, teaches Women's Rights law at Georgetown. They are an amazing couple who seem to be very much in love, even after who knows how many years of marriage. They have two children; one son and one daughter. Each time I cat sit its because they are visiting their daughter, a Peace Core volunteer, in Guatamala.
One of my favorite things about this house is its character. I love brick homes. I always have. I used to tell my dad I would never own a house made of wood because it would never survive a tornado. Although my opinion has since changed I still love brick homes.
In the back just off the dining room is a sun room with a royal blue couch. It may sound tacky but its the coolest piece of furniture and I love it. Its especially nice in the spring because the sun warms the room just enough, making it perfect for a cat nap. Samson favors the large leather ottoman that sits in front of the couch and just as I drift from a light doze into a deeper snooze, he'll jump on my lap and demand attention.
Delila is just as affectionate. Although "Lie Lie," (my nickname for her) never learned to meow, she can squeek and does so when she wants in or out. I took photos of both which I hope to include in a separate blog... someday.
The home is also great because the decor is readable, meaning, it reflects the occupants tastes and interests. Although it has a touch of contemporary the atmosphere is more domestic, making guests feel welcome and comfortable. Its kind of like an old houserobe or a worn blanket.
I want a home like that one day. That atmosphere is hard to acheive in a new home. I think that's another reason why I love historic homes. Time often breeds character and who would want a home without a past? Not me.
As I think about what the next year or two may bring, i.e., graduation, finding a job, moving, settling down, I can't help but wonder where the next chapter of my life will take me. Will I finally buy a home? If so, where? Will I start with my beach bungalow in Charleston or a small ranch in nowhere USA? Either way, I hope I can create a home, much like the Hermann's, that is warm and personable. A home people will value and cherish long after I am gone because it means something.
I am not sure I will ever cat sit for the Hermmans again but I will always remember, with fondness, my time spent in their home.

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Jacqueline said...

I'm 23, soon to be 24. Not 25. :-(

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