Chippendales & Chipmunks

Dad: "I'm going tease your Aunt Linda and Aunt Lois about spending all their money in Beckley."
Me: "It's OK if they want to spend their money."
Dad: "I gonna tell them I know why they went over spend all their money on the Chipmunks."
Me: "Dad, why would they spend their money on seeing the Chipmunks?"
Dad: "You know...that group of guys that have bow ties and no shirts?"
Me: "Yes...Dad, those are the Chippendales."
Dad: "Chippendales...Chipmunks...Same difference."

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Sherpa said...

Oh, that's great!

I could totally see my dad and I having the same conversation.

Kate said...

haha...that's a great dad conversation.

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