Congratulations are once again in order for Michelle Beth Lee of Buchannan, WVA for an interview she has scheduled with the Smithsonian Institution. The interview set for this Thursday morning is for a position as a Registrar for an international collection. I can not think of anyone more organized than Beth. If I were the FS I would offer her the position in a heartbeat.
As you may have guessed, the photo on the left is of Ms Beth Lee. This was taken by another friend from Museum Studies, Kate Diggle. Some of you may have met Kate at the FHE hockey game last Spring. Tall red head with gorgeous green eyes. That's Kate. It also happens to be my favorite Beth photo because she looks so child-like. She also happens to be wearing George's coat in the photo. I remember when he offered it to her I was green with envy, wishing I had politely refused Mark's so I could wear the latter's.
Doesn't the water look incredible? If I could re-live a few moments of my life, sailing with Beth, Kate, George, Mark, Mike and Rob, would be a moment I would choose. There is absolutely nothing like being on a sailboat feeling the wind in your face and hair, lounging in the sun while hot men do all the work.
I also want to congratulate Beth for her recent purchase of a size 4 dress from Ann Taylor. Through incredible self-control and determination Beth has gone down several clothes sizes to become a size 4!! I am constantly amazed at what this woman can accomplish and applaud her for it.
The last bit of Beth news is Bella returns next Monday. For those who are not familiar with Bella, she is Beth's naughty cat. Bella has been in rehab for the past four months. While away life just hasn't been the same around the office. Laurie, another co-worker, and I have convinced Beth to create a My Space page for Bella and keep a blog about Bella's adventures. I suggested she call it The Bella Diaries and Laurie thinks it should be written from Bella's perspective. We'll see what Beth comes up with.
Although I know change is necessary I will miss Kim and Beth terribly. Over the past year they have seen me through five semesters of hell and my relationship with Aditya. Through it all they have been supportive and trustworthy. Hell, Beth was the first to introduce me to Dr Dreamo's and their fabulous nachos.
So Good Luck Chica & Here's to four more weeks at Museum Studies!

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