Tips for Dating a Preservationist

My colleague, Amanda, shared these with me last week. I have bolded the points I particularly agree with. If you are interested in dating a Historic Preservationist or Architectural Historian, read below:
Preservation is not just about old buildings. Learn this very, very quickly.

Buying anything in Wal-Mart or any other chain store is wholly unacceptable. If anything can be bought via "mom and pop," it's best to do so and not complain about the thirty cents you would have saved on each item. The stress you'll spare yourself is worth much more.
The coffee found in local coffee shops is much better than Starbucks. The same can be said about the food at local restaurants as opposed to chains.
Vacation destinations, more often than not are determined by the age of the building to be found there or something that happened in that location several decades earlier. This is not as limiting as it sounds; beaches can be historic places too.
Be prepared to stop the car often, and with little notice-especially along particularly lonely expanses of highway.

You'll use the term "middle of nowhere" past the point of comfort. You should also invest in a map.
Take the back roads. They're much more interesting and the extra time you spend on them would only be wasted in traffic. Preservationists hate interstates.

Buildings have human characteristics. Don't question it, you'll only upset them (the buildings and the preservationists).

Always have a camera with you. You won't, however, be in very many pictures unless you are a stationary object and of historic consequence.

You will, at some point in your life trespass, I sincerely hope you don't get arrested (or shot).

When renting an apartment or buying a house, anything even remotely modern is not a consideration. Such housing lacks character. This piece of advice is of course contingent on you buying into that thing about buildings being people too.

Suburbia is a four letter word.

Flamingos are in style. Always. Get used to the sight of them.

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The Keeffers said...

I miss you boo! you are amazing 80)

Boo said...

I miss you too Sabes! Wish you were coming in for Halloween too.

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