Field Photos 11.18.09

Wednesday, November 18th we returned to Willow Street in Pascagoula to survey. Unlike many areas along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Pascagoula continues to retain many of the large oak trees that were present prior to Hurricane Katrina. The Spanish Moss, characteristic of oak trees that grow in the South, hangs abundantly from the trees' branches, creating a sense of mystery and romance on this small suburban street.
Amanda explained that the roots of this oak created a "fairy seat." Thinking this was a great photo opportunity we decided to document the moment.
This sign was posted on the exterior of a home individually listed in The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Allow me to identify, just in case it isn't clear, the discrepancies between my description and the sign. First, it's the National REGISTER not Registry. Second, it's HISTORIC, meaning the "AL" is unnecessary. Third, multiple building types are listed in the National Register. The Register is not limited to homes. For that reason, it is referred to as the National Register of Historic PLACES.
As Amanda points out, the locals often substitute locally devised lingo for actual terminology. This is an excellent example of such behavior.

Prior to breaking for lunch we surveyed a beautiful historic residence. Although we analyze and document structures everyday it is rare we are able to see the structures' interiors. Whenever we are invited inside we eagerly accept. Seeing the interior of a structure enables us to understand the building plan and the possible evolution of alterations over time. Entering the antique store, one of the first things I noticed was this bed. Custom designed for a woman in New Orleans, the bed remained in her family until she passed away. Her son sold the bed to the antique store and they are willing to part with it for a mere 10K.
The bed of my dreams, a dear, sweet, loving friend of mine pointed out, will continue to remain so, at that price. If only...
The owner assured me they had a great lay-away program. The only problem is by the time I pay for the bed I will be so old I will only be able to sleep in it a few times before...well... you know. A girl can always dream. Looks like this girl will be dreaming in any bed but the one pictured here.

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