Field Photo 12.04.09

This afternoon Meg, Hugh and I completed our survey of Joe Avenue, which is a small enclave of bungalows located behind the Wayne Lee supermarket in Pascagoula.
I have noticed bungalows, located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, predominately have three roof types: hip, side-gable and front-gable. Jerkinhead roofs are rare on any house or building type along the Gulf Coast, it seems, so we were pleasantly surprised by this house which has an intersecting jerkinhead and side-gable roof with a smaller projecting jerkinhead roof on the main facade. Jerkinheads are also referred to as clipped gables because it looks like the point of the gable has been clipped creating an unfinished look.
Meg, a new member of our team, and I were having a discussion about architectural elements that "turn us on." I confided that houses with three or more dormers, "turn me on." I don't know why but I LOVE dormers. In fact, each time Mandy sees a house with dormers she says, "looks there's Amber's house."
I then asked Meg if there was an architectural element that particularly excited her. She responded, "jerkinhead roofs." It only took us a few seconds to identify the double entendre. Sharing our epiphany with Amanda all she could say was, "Amber you're always a little slow on the uptake." This time, however, I wasn't the only one. Just one of the many reasons why I am so happy Meg has joined our team.

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