Field Photo 12.02.09

This afternoon as we were surveying Pascagoula Street we were approached by Mr. Daviddson a native son of Mississippi. Mr. Daviddson will be 90 in January and has been married to the love of his life, Annie, for 64 years. Mr. Daviddson spoke to us twice while we were surveying, praising his wife each time for being an excellent manager, meaning she didn't "go on shopping sprees," a good cook and a skilled housekeeper.
In addition to being a charmer, he referred to Meg and I as "Suga", "Darling" and "Sweetheart" repeatedly, he had a Southern accent that I could listen to forever.
Best wishes to Mr. Daviddson and his lovely bride Annie. May they defy the odds and enjoy many more years of wedded bliss together.

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