Love in Ocean Springs

Constructed in the 1920's, Lovelace Drugs, located on Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs is a local institution worthy of note. A two-story, early-twentieth century commercial structure with decorative brick detailing, a Coca-Cola mural (left facade), a lovely concrete cornice, and a decorative seal displaying the construction date, Lovelace is an architectural gem.
Meg and I surveyed the old pharmacy two weeks ago. While doing so, we noticed a soda fountain through the large store windows. Vowing to investigate, we did just that last Tuesday (January 26th) after an afternoon of surveying.
This is when we met David whom I would wager makes the best strawberry milkshakes on the Gulf Coast hands down. I was so impressed with David's mad milkshake-making skills that Meg and I convinced Mandy and Hugh they had to try one for themselves.
Knowing David works on Tuesday afternoon we all piled into Lovelace for an afternoon treat.
We were not disappointed. Hugh ordered chocolate while Mandy got a caramel shake. To my delight, there were no complaints.
A Senior at Ocean Springs High School David moved to Ocean Springs six-years ago from Japan where his Dad was stationed with the US Navy. David is well-mannered and efficient; two characteristics that encourage future business from repeat customers.
After graduation he will begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas where he hopes to complete a degree in Engineering. Until then, we plan to become more acquainted with the red and chrome swivel stools at Lovelace Drugs, especially as the temperatures rise, watching David work his magic making milkshakes that rival Mississippi's finest.

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lfbella said...

Just found your blog and want to thank you for the nice review on my son, David. I immediately called him and told him to look at your comments and I know it really made his we had a good laugh at his haircut!
I am a proud mom and I entirely agree with your spot on assessment about him. David's currently in his last semester at the University of Arkansas with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He's in the process of hunting for a job for those that would like to hire an excellent worker and a great milkshake maker!
Thank you for your post!

David said...

This is David Bella and I stumbled across this blog while researching my previous employment for a full time engineering position. I am graduating from Arkansas with a degree in Industrial Engineering in December. The soda fountain is still open but they aren't doing the pharmaceutical business anymore. I think that Lovelace will undergo some changes in the near future, but I hope that the soda fountain stays open. Some great memories at that fountain! The first that comes to mind is when an elderly African American woman came in and sat at the soda bar. She started crying because she said when the fountain was open in the 60s she wasn't able to sit at the fountain. She commented that she never thought she would be able to sit at the fountain in Ocean Springs. Great write up and hope you are doing well

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