Don't Let This Picture...

fool you. They may seem like innocent felines but after dark they are serial killers. Ever since Little Bit made an appearance Zu has been on a killing spree. I don't know if she's taking her frustration out on the mice and other vermin or if she is feeling insecure and trying to assert her place at the Cat Farm. Either way, Zu is on a killing frenzy. Every day I was home she left a mouse on the deck outside Dad's bedroom door. We thought the killing may cease after I returned to Biloxi but it hasn't. Zu has become a serial mouse killer and I'm afraid there's no end in sight. Reports of Zu's macabre nature are a daily occurrence now. I almost feel sorry for the mouse who crosses paths with this sleeping giant. And don't get me started on Hunter Mary. Her tracking skills are legendary. No mouse is safe with this duo in their midst.
We are so lucky to have Mary and Zu with us at the Cat Farm. It wouldn't be the same without them. I love my girls and can't wait to see them again. Until then, I will have to be satisfied with Dad's stories of their prowess.

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Kate said...

The Cat Farm cats are all so cute.

Boo said...

Thanks Kate-Kate! I think so too. You need to come back and visit us again.

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