In the Beginning...

her name was Goliath. Dad, not realizing that he was actually a she, named this tiny undernourished orphaned kitten after the famous giant who terrified King Saul's armies. This changed however when I discovered Goliath was a girl. Thus began a brainstorm of female names fit for this kitten. Although I called her Chloe for most of the trip, by the time I left the Cat Farm our guest had already given her another name, Little Bit, which Dad seems to like because he has started using it.
It doesn't matter what you call her, half the time she's so busy playin' or messin' she doesn't hear you, which is amazing considering the size of her ears in relation to the rest of her body. She hasn't met a stranger yet. She loves everyone and shows her love by climbing all over them. I think if Mary and Zu would allow it she'd climb on them too.

Her presence at the Cat Farm has definitely changed things. Toys Mary and Zu no longer find interesting captivate the kitten. The first time I brought out "pink mouse" for the kitten to play with Zu immediately let her know the toy belonged to her. Mary and Zu swat at the kitten so often I joke that its Cat Farm fight club.
Although Dad groans about another cat, we only have three (not counting Black cat who comes and goes), I think our little addition is good for all of us. She reminds us how essential charity is. That when someone or something is in need we should be willing to reach out and share our resources to help them. She reminds us of the blessing of youth and how important it is to notice and appreciate little things. She also teaches us the importance of patience, forgiveness and perseverance. No matter how many times Mary and Zu swat at her, it never deters kitten from doing what she wants to do nor does she swat Mary and Zu in return. After their finished hissing and swatting, kitten just returns to what she was doing.
I miss Dad and the cats everyday but on Sundays when I am sitting alone, with little to do, I miss them even more. I can't wait to go back in October and see how Chloe, Little Bit, Itty Bitty, whatever you want to call her has grown. Even kitten can't stay little forever.

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