More for Modesty?

Do women, LDS or otherwise, have difficulty finding modest, fashionable nightgowns? I do. In fact, its a challenge I have come to dread. I often wear my nightgown until its thin or ratty, sometimes both, in order to postpone the search for a replacement.
Not only are modest, fashionable nightgowns almost impossible to find, they are significantly more expensive than other sleepwear.
I purchased the nightgown above from the website HerRoom. I have never purchased anything from this website before and hope to have a positive experience.
I am interested to know if anyone has information for vendors or boutiques that carry modest, fashionable nightgowns. If so, please share.

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Anonymous said...

Karen Neuburger, Miss Elaine, Erika...I can always find modest nightwear.
I am Catholic and my best friend is a nun. Neither of us have any problem finding nightwear. Or maybe we are less fashionable than you are!

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