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is wonderful for so many reasons. Families and friends congregate to participate in religious or social customs, whether recently established or recognized for generations. My Mother loved the Christmas season. Although she was fiercely independent, her childlike enthusiasm during Christmas made it truly special for everyone around her.
In the weeks separating Thanksgiving and Christmas, our family gathered around the television to watch Frank Capra's timeless tale, "It's a Wonderful Life," not just once, but several times. My Mother never tired of it.
As a child it was just a nice story we watched during the holidays. As I grew older and understood the beautiful concepts the movie conveyed, i.e., Heavenly Father is aware of us, He loves us and wants us to succeed, the power of forgiveness, as you lose yourself in service to others you find something greater, the importance of families and friends, the reality of an afterlife where you continue to grow and progress, and the divine nature of every individual, like my Mother, I found myself crying every time the movie concluded.
Despite my Mother's passing, I continue the tradition of watching "It's a Wonderful Life" every Christmas. Now, however, instead of crying at the movie's end, I cry all the time. Every time I remember something she said, I cry. Every time I remember her laughing about a scene, I cry. Every time I hear hymns sung in the movie, I cry. I can not help it. I just do and I probably will for the rest of my life.
I am so grateful for every holiday I spent with my Mother. I miss the Christmas traditions she started and we fail to keep without her. I miss how warm and beautiful she made our home. I miss the music that started in the living room but floated down the hall and into bedrooms until it penetrated every corner, making it impossible to escape. I miss the little decorations we put up each year like the Santa door knob covers, the nativity scene, the Santa boots she painted and hand crafted ornaments Joshie and I made in school. I miss snuggling up on the couch, lights out, hot chocolate in hand, discussing a myriad of subjects while looking at the Christmas tree.
With her, we really did have a wonderful life. Thanks Mom for giving us so many Christmas memories to cherish.
Love you forever-

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Stephanie said...

Here's a hug for you, lovely. Wish we could be together so I could give you a real one.

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