Catfish Alley

A few weeks ago I started following the "boards" of a fellow Kentuckian on Pinterest. I quickly noticed she loves the South and she loves to read. Sound familiar? Many of the e-jackets she pinned were books by Southern authors or novels classified as Southern lit. Like myself, this woman is also on GoodReads. Taking a chance, I sent her a friend request. To my delight, she accepted. Access to her bookshelves introduced me to many books and authors I have not even heard of, let alone, read before.
Catfish Alley by Lynne Bryant was among her books. Reading the book summary and reviews I knew I had to read it. Although I am only half-way through the story I am already under Bryant's spell. If you are looking for a good read this summer consider a trip to Catfish Alley. Grace Clark is one of the best storytellers in town.

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