All good things must come to an end.

Even Project Runway. This season was awesome! I loved Jeffery all along and he's not disappointed me!

Last night Boo and I sat down to the final hour of our season together. It's become habit to spend Wednesday night together and I'm going to miss those nights! Amber loves fashion like I love cooking so last night was our ultimate Bravo! night--Top Chef began for a second season! And wow. Howard. Smokin' hot!

But I digress. For those of you who didn't watch PR, Jeffery won my love in a episode where the Moms of the contestants were invited as models. He was made to look a villian for "making his model" cry (this was the mother of Angela--whom he appeared to dislike.) Shortly thereafter, Jeff's Mom sits down with Angela's Mom and his story came out. He's a recovering addict who nearly killed himself. And now he has a thriving business and he's turning his life around. It was love for me, right then!

Of course, he added to my love with the quacking.

And finally, Tim Gunn--Boo's favorite part of the show. I must admit we were flabbergasted that the words used herein were considered "$3 words" but! that's American public education for you!

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