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After two years at GW, I finally received my first A from Dr. Longstreth on my mid-term exam yesterday. I honestly couldn't believe it. When I asked him if that was my "real grade" he replied, "Well, I'm not being nice." I responded by patting his hand while saying, "Now I can die a happy woman. My life has been fulfilled." He just laughed and crinkled his nose in true Longstreth fashion. I'm so excited I almost can't wait to take the final. When I confided this to Camille, a first year HP student from Arkansas who is also dating a hottie architect from OK, she called me a nerd. I don't think anyone has ever referred to me as a nerd before but I kind of liked it.
In addition this morning I read this in the Washington Post Express-
Bee Keeper: A scientist has found a 100 million-year-old bee trapped in AMBER in the Hukawng Valley of northern Myanmar, making it possibly the oldest bee ever found. The ancient bee is about one-fifth the size of today's worker honeybee.
Am I the only one that sees a connection here? Amber is a preservative. It is only natural that I would embark on a career in historic preservation. Also, amber preserves bees. This explains my uncanny goal to be a future bee keeper. Man, I love it when the universe comes together and I finally "get it."

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Stephanie said...

How can you doubt your amazingness? You rock!!

Rae said...

Wahoo!!! It is the power of Boo! Congrats on the A!

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