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Get Lucky Sometimes, was one of my favorite Tom Petty songs while I was in high school. Beverly Hogge and I would rock out to Petty every morning on our way to school in her Mazda 626. Those were the days.
I have always been a baseball fan. My brother collected baseball cards when he was a kid and we still have shoe boxes filled with old Upper Deck or Topps baseball cards. While my dad was working Hurricane Andrew he bought Joshie the entire Florida Marlins Upper Deck collector's edition cards. My mom hid the cards, for safe keeping, before my brother could even bat an eye. I think she is still the only person who knows where they are to this day.
Although the Braves will always be "MY" team I have to admit I enjoyed watching the World Series this year even though Atlanta did not make it. To be completely honest the St Louis Cardinals have never been a team of interest for me until recently. When my teams are not involved in a sporting event I love rooting for the underdog. This year the underdog was St Louis. With only 83 wins during the season the Cards came from the bottom to take the World Series title. The stories about the team have been "in-card-ible," as ESPN puts it.
Although Scott Rolen is a hottie, my heart belongs to the SS, Eckstein. David (I love the name David) Eckstein has been described as one who gives150%. Injured, he continued to play when most players would have quit. His diligence and positive attitude rallied the team throughout the season. His enthusiasm is evident in a quote given during an ESPN interview following Game V, Eckstein was quoted as saying, "This just goes to show you why this is the best game in the world. This just proves again that anything's possible." From one underdog to another, congratulations on getting lucky.
(http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/playoffs2006/news/story?id=2641275 is just one of the many articles praising the SS)

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