Christmas Present

Last night Kim and I braved the frosty night air for the light display on the Washington Temple grounds. Although the blue lights were a little shocking, I found the use of multi-colored lights a nice contrast to the all white lights used on Temple Square.
Seeing the Sister missionaries at the Visitor's Center reminded me of my own service. Walking through the exhibits I heard Sisters repeat the same message I had repeated thousands of times to multitudes of visitors. Listening to the Christus narration I was pleased to discover I still can recite the words. One of the things I anticipate is the opportunity to take my children to Temple Square and tell them all about my mission. I read about other sisters I served with doing the same and I honestly can't wait for that day, because all my friends are getting tired of hearing the same stories.
Looking at the international nativity exhibit I was reminded of a Christmas twelve years ago when my mom, brother and I saw the DC temple lights for the first time with my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Nancy. Although it was so long ago it seems like yesterday. I can still hear my mom say, "Look sissy, (this is one of the more appropriate names she calls me) here is one (referring to the mangers) from (insert country). Poor Jerry was bored to tears but patiently waited for us to finish. Afterwards we had Thai food in Arlington. So much has changed since then. It will be ininteresting to witness changes future years will bring.
Here is an example of the nativities displayed in the Visitors Center. I share this one, from Austria, because I know Steph will enjoy it.
After perusing the VC, Kim and I spotted this photographer taking pictures of the lights. Thinking he would be the perfect person to snap a shot of us together we approached him with the proposition. I have been wrong about a lot of things and this was one of those things. He made us stand there for who knows how long while he tried to take the perfect photo. All the photos he took were totally unacceptable. My face looked like a female Chipmunk. Impatient with our lack of progress, I thanksd him and we headed over to the fountain for some solo photos. Kim is a great photographer, which is evident by the photo (left). Leave it to a woman to outdo a man every time. I don't know why I bother.
I snapped one of Kim, same backdrop, that I hope she posts on her blog. She looks really cute.
I was surprised that the VC wasn't more crowded last night. Kim and I had plenty of space as we stood in front of the live, outdoor nativity scene. In spite of this, a Latino woman goosed Kim in the butt. Whether it was intentional or not we'll never know. As mentioned previously, there was plenty of room around us, making the butt bump unnecessary and very suspicious.
Last year Steph and I had discussed seeing the lights together. That never happened. I got caught up in school and work was crazy for Steph. I also had a slight bought with leprosy thanks to my idiot doctor and tried to avoid seeing people even more than I normally do. I missed her last night, wishing we could share this adventure with all our friends together. Perhaps next Christmas we can.
Best wishes to all our readers for a safe, relaxing, holiday season. I sincerely hope everyone finds the blessings they seek in the new year.
Merry Christmas or Chanukah.

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Bunny said...

Leprosy?? How did THAT happen?

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