Office Christmas Parties

Whitney (my receptionist here) and I drove to our Christmas party together. While there, we talked and laughed together because we didn't know many other people. You see, our company has only three offices and each of the offices are roughly 3 hours apart.

During dinner Whitney and I talked and laughed with our CEO and his wife who were seated at our table. When the time came, we took our place in the buffet line. We were ordered Whitney, The Wife, me, The CEO.

The CEO was giving me encouragement and his stamp of approval while Whitney talked to The Wife. When we sat back down, Whitney had an odd expression on her face. I asked what was wrong and she indicated that she'd tell me later.

Soon the band started to play and CEO and The Wife started to dance. Whitney leaned in for the story and said, "When we were standing in line The Wife asked me how I got here. I replied that I drove up from Missoula with you. She then said, 'I mean, why are you at the party?' So, I told her I worked in the Missoula office to which she replied, 'Oh! I thought you were here as a Significant Other."

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Bunny said...

DUDE. Who SAYS that?? I mean, wouldn't she be afraid of a lawsuit??

And: you're cheating on Amber?

Stephanie said...

I know! I'm totally with you. And yes, Amber and I have an open and loving relationship. You should know. You're right in the middle of it!! XO

Boo said...

Its ok. Its not like this is the first time someone has cheated. I can't really expect her to be loyal when she's so far away. I just hope she's worth it. :)

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