A Czech Adventure

Last night our friend Sarah returned from 18 months in the Czech Republic. It was so nice to see her again!!

Fresh off 4 days in the airportFresh off 4 days in the airport Hosted on Zooomr

Poor Sarah had spent days stranded in route between Prague and Missoula. Two of those days in Canada. Her scheduled return of Friday finally happened on Sunday.

DadDad Hosted on Zooomr

Sarah's family is a hoot and I loved seeing the extended family. Her Grandma is in my congregation and she was so excited to see her again.

Hugging GramsHugging Grams Hosted on Zooomr

She looks so good! It was great to see her again. I'll see a bit more of her this week and I'll post more about it then!

Welcome Home, friend. Well done.

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