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Last week Erin, a co-worker, invited me to a Legwarmer's concert at the State Theatre. The Legwarmers are an 80's cover band and are so popular they not only perform once a month but to a packed house. I wasn't sure if people would dress up so I went 80's neutral; slightly ripped jeans and layered tops with tiny holes in the outer layer. Standing in line I immediately regretted my decision. I should have worn my Flashdance outfit. Fans were dressed in Flash Gordon, Star Wars and Ramones t-shirts, while others were dressed like Madonna or Van Halen. It was amazing. If only Joshie could have been with me; he would have been in heaven.

Standing in the lobby I managed to get some photos of the other fans. This couple was so rad! They posed for the photo and they didn't even know each other.
Meet the "Prom Queen." Although her outfit was totally cool I couldn't imagine dancing in heels from 10pm to 2am, which is what we did. It was so amazing! Everyone was dancing and it didn't matter who you were dancing with because people were either too drunk to notice or too busy dancing themselves.

Although I started the evening dancing with Erin and her friends on the main dance floor by the fourth song I was up in the balcony dancing solo. Not only was the balcony cooler but I could actually see the band perform, which is something I was unable to do standing at 5'3". Being short sucks. I wasn't dancing long before a group decided to join me.

Frances and Andy were on my right, dancing like crazy while J.P. Bonet in the photo below was on my left. Andy and I mimicked the back-up dancers' moves and totally got out of control during 99 Red Balloons.
Frances and I bonded when she told me she loved my hair. I returned the compliment and the rest of the evening we were dancing machines! Frances also introduced me to JP in the white shirt, who is a BYU alum like me. He served his mission in Japan and can speak fluent Japanese and some Arabic. Needless to say, I was impressed. My favorite part of the evening was acting out Pat Benetar's I Love Rock n' Roll with John. He totally played along.
The photo below was taken at 2am after four hours of non-stop dancing. Although we were sweaty and tired I couldn't resist capturing the memory.
Erin and I had so much fun we are already talking about going to another show. I just wish the Legwarmers traveled because this would be the best bachelor party my brother could ever have.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe how AWESOME everyone looks! The Prom Queen is amazing. We so have to find a show of theirs to see together!! xo

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