Night at the Movies

Every now and then I head out to the movies. Generally, now, it's to see an indie film because those are the ones I like. With the exception of Rocky 19, I haven't been in a "regular" theater since I moved here.

Last night was the perfect night for a movie. I realized that I missed walking places so I went to the middle of downtown, parked and walked to get some dessert at this pizza place I love. The cooks are hilarious and they seem to be open to banter with me. I had about two hours to kill before the movie and happily I had The Brothers K as a companion. All ye who have not read, read it.

After dessert, I walked slowly over to The Wilma for my movie. I'm seriously considering living in that building. Oh. Dogs. Right.

Have I told you about the nights here? How they are long and light and warm? And how I love to be out in them? Seriously, the summer nights are pretty much the whole reason I live in Missoula. Nothing beats them.

So, anyway, I was headed to see The Waitress. Trailer? Here.

It was a fantastic movie. RaeRae, don't see it. Everyone else, see it.

Every so often I find a movie that just goes right to my heart. They are random occurrences. Generally speaking, no one outside my head would be able to understand why they do what they do to me. This movie? It's one of those. It's nearly as powerful as my reaction to Crazy/Beautiful, which was a nutty reaction leading to a move across country.

T.W. is a funny, gut wrenching, gem of a movie and I think anyone could easily adore it.

Since it's rainy today I'm going to watch even more movies. It's the perfect day for that and I'm in a movie binge. Bring on the popcorn.

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Boo said...

Even the trailer is worth watching multiple times. I love Matlock. Did you notice he wears bowties and glasses? All good men do.

Rae said...

Man...I jsut talked to Eddie Whitney about going to that one..WHy can't I see it? Is it one of my issues or is it just a sad ending?

Rae said...

Never mind I watched the trailor...WTH...why she gotta be married...Ruin a perfectly good movie!

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