Chasing Rainbows

Last summer (2007) I was counseled to look for rainbows. Since receiving that counsel my eyes have often searched the skies, during light showers, hoping to see a rainbow.
Before moving to Mississippi I rarely saw rainbows. Due to the tropical climate and an increased opportunity to work outdoors I often see them. The photo above was taken from my balcony in July, shortly after my birthday. I was so excited I cried.
Today while driving to Bay St. Louis we spotted two rainbows. My coworkers and I have often discussed the pros and cons about living in Mississippi. It may not be paradise. There is definitely a shortage of single men I find attractive and eligible to date making many evenings very lonely but as Hugh says, "it's a great place for regrouping; for finding yourself again." I think he may be right.
There is a little cafe we enjoy lunching at in "the Bay" called the Mosquito Hawk. A small sign on the wall states, "you find yourself near the water." Perhaps that is why I am here. To find myself again; to regroup, heal and look for meaningful ways to transform this painful period in my life into a season of learning; of refinement.
Eight months ago I could not imagine living my life in a meaningful way minus the companionship of my mother and one of my dearest friends. Although I still experience crushing grief and discouragement I thank God for sending me rainbows to remind me that His promises are sure and one day I will be reunited with those I love so dear and have lost. I hope I never forget the counsel I have been given to search for rainbows and in doing so, continue to feel joy each time I see them.

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Chuck & Desiree said...

I love you! I think you living there has already begun to benefit your life in so many ways. I wish for you that the men were in more abundance, but I've seen a change in you and I'm happy that you're happier. I wish you the very best in every situation, and I wish you more rainbows. :) Loves!

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