Phil Vassar Friday

Last night my new friend Ben called and invited me to the Phil Vassar concert at the Hard Rock Casino. In fifteen minutes, I changed clothes, applied makeup, participated and completed two phone conversations and found a parking space, which wasn't easy, setting a record in my book.
Walking in I found a room full of energy. Ben and I had a blast singing and dancing along with the crowd. When the band covered AC/DC I went crazy. I love "You Shook Me All Night Long" and become an absolute maniac on the dance floor when I hear it. Instead of being impressed, Ben just laughed at my killer dance moves.
The concert ended much too soon so we decided to do a little shopping at the Hard Rock and then grab a late bite at the "Awful House." One of the things I appreciate about Ben is he's from Georgia and, as a fellow Southerner, recognizes the Waffle House is an important institution in the South and unlike McDonald's, which closes at midnight, stays open 24-7. Since hanging out Ben and I have actually closed a McDonald's.
Our waitress was terrific! She was extremely patient with me and totally took my side when the chef said the hash browns were exactly what I wanted. NOT!
I can't imagine what she thought about the two of us, especially after my vocal rendition of Sally's restaurant scene from, When Harry Met Sally, per Ben's request, of course. To heighten the situation, he tried to climb under the table so he would get the credit for instigating said scene. As if...

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Sherpa said...

Kelli and I both say...........

"He's Cute!"

Boo said...

Which one are you talking about? I think they are both cute but with Ben it's strictly platonic.

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