President's Day Holiday

Last weekend we celebrated two calendar holidays; Valentine's Day and President's Day. Although I was happily solitaire for the former I had an enjoyable, baby-filled day for the latter.
Last month my gorgeous friend Clara, from Mobile, welcomed the new addition to the Fisher family; Anderson Michael. Although Mobile is only an hours drive from Biloxi, I had not met Mr. Anderson. So, when Clara called saying she was on her way to Biloxi, with baby, I was excited.
Since Amanda and I had scheduled lunch, Clara and Anderson joined us for Japanese at Sakura. I have been wanting a picture with the Sumo cut-out for some time and chose to seize the moment on our way out. I tried to persuade Amanda and Clara to pose for a photo but only Anderson was interested in facing the camera. I love this photo! Babies are so fun!

After lunch Clara and I took Anderson for his first stroll on the beach. He's such a good baby and handsome too! I look forward to more outings with Anderson and his Mommy.
After Clara and Anderson left, I joined the Flake family for family night. We had a terrific lesson on friendship, followed by Valentine Bingo and brownies a la mode.
I returned home around 8pm exhausted. The emotional and physical reservoir mothers exhibit never ceases to amaze me. Kudos to mothers and hooray for baby-filled holidays.

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Sherpa said...

Yay! Anderson made his debut! Cute kid!

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