Field Photos 1.11.2010

Photo Courtesy: Hugh McAloon

Instead of joining the team in the field, I was asked to take notes for a meeting. Although I was relieved to be spared another day of surveying in the freezing temperatures I missed Meg and Hugh tremendously.

In my absence, however, they took two field photos for today's post. The first photo shows Meg posing next to a very feminine-looking bush. Note how stylish she is in her new JCrew coat. I have taken to calling her MiMi, which I think she enjoys and I totally love.

Photo Courtesy: Hugh McAloon

This dinosaur, according to Meg and Hugh, is a lawn ornament for a house located across from the Mocha Moose coffee house, which I attempted to patron once but they only accept cash, and as my friends know, I never carry cash. Seeing this photo makes me wonder about the type of people who would purchase a dinosaur lawn ornament for their house.
Are they young singles who are trying to make a statement? A married couple with young children who love dinosaurs? Or perhaps, an eccentric Southern lady like the characters in the Southern literature I enjoy so much. Either way, I think beside the fox, turtle and bears, a dinosaur may be the perfect addition to our lawn ornament family at the Cat Farm.

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