Field Photos 1.27.2010

Meg and I discovered this structure Wednesday while driving Harrison County. Surrounded by Katrina Cottages and single story Ranch houses, it definitely doesn't compliment or enhance the existing landscape. However, I can't help but wonder what type of person would choose to design and subsequently construct a home like this. Try as I might I can't
imagine what it would be like to come "home" to this every evening.
What is the interior like? Does it resemble the exterior? How is the interior space divided? Why did the builder choose to install garage doors on the upper stories? Why not enclose the ground story and install a two-bay garage there? What's with the small single-light windows and the metal screening on the front and rear facades? I am assuming the metal screening functions to protect the windows from flying debris during hurricanes but could there be another purpose, one I am missing? Who knows? But seeing structures like this in post-Katrina Mississippi begs the question. Will the post-Katrina Mississippi resemble the "Old South" or will it evolve into something that is a complete departure from its architectural past?

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