Happy Birthday Hugh!

Sunday, June 13th Hugh McAloon celebrated his 42nd birthday. To celebrate, we had lunch today at the Buttercup where Hugh's "girlfriend" surprised him with a yummy chocolate cupcake covered in frosting. Hugh being the generous man he is, shared with all the girls. Amanda gave Hugh his "This man likes Ta-Tas" t-shirt which we hope he will wear during the Susan G. Komen walk he is participating in later this year.
Tomorrow I will be giving Hugh my present which I hope he will enjoy as well.
Best wishes to Hugh for a year full of pleasant surprises which will bring him lifelong joy.

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Anonymous said...

The bowl of movie snacks ROCKED the house! Excellent choice, Ms. Kidd!

Boo said...

Hooray! Hugh! You found the blog. Thanks for sharing your candy with us. Here's to a happy year!

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