Mammouth Caves

Last Saturday, I traveled to Cave City, Kentucky to tour Mammouth Caves the largest cave system in the world, thus earning its name; Mammouth. Although we had planned to take the 'Snowball' tour we ended up waiting around the park, there's not much to do above ground, for the 1:15PM 'Historic' tour because park personnel refused to make room for one more person on the 9:30AM 'Snowball' tour. I understand, believe me, I do. I should have reserved tickets in advance but I have to admit, at the time, I was really disappointed and a little pissed.
The 'Historic' tour was great. In fact, if my Aunt Linda had not recommended the 'Snowball' tour I would have selected the 'Historic' tour anyway because we all know, I love history.
Mr. Ty, our park ranger and native Kentuckian, was fantastic! He was not only informative but very enthusiastic. His excitement was contagious. I exited the caves with an increased sense of state pride.
Kentucky, home of the largest cave system in the world, can be added to the long list of what makes Kentucky a great place to live. Home of Bluegrass music, Loretta Lynn, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, The Judds, Adolph Rupp, Henry Clay, Dwight Yokum, Maker's Mark, Derby Pie, the Hot Brown, the Kentucky Derby, Ale-8, and the list goes on and on. Oh wait! Kentucky, home of the Cat Farm. I knew I was forgetting something. I digress.
I have been wanting to see the caves since I was a child. Although the caves weren't exactly what I was expecting, I don't regret the trip. If you haven't had the opportunity to tour the caves and you are in the neighborhood; DO IT! And while you're there, if you happen to run into Ranger Ty, tell him I said, "hello."

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