are generally something I like to have when on vacation, deciding where to dine, or to shop and especially where to use the restroom. If this home were on the market I would have a choice to make but it's not, perhaps saving me from making a decision I might regret.
However, I love it! It's located within minutes from the Cat Farm on Red House Road which intersects with the bypass and runs straight into downtown Richmond. The house sets back from the road on a gentle incline. There is a nice in-law cottage located in the back, perfect for guests. I love the small gambrel projection, the tapered columns and the three gable dormers. It's an unusual house but it has character and if it were on the market I would be tempted to snag it. Like Dad says, "Everyone needs a home base," and I think this little Craftsman hybrid would be perfect for me. The choice, for now, is not mine to make but someday...

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Stephanie said...

What happened to the one with the link you sent out? I think it was also a Craftsman near water....I looked at all the pictures but I'm not recalling as many details right now.


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