Although its difficult to read the sign above the metal hip roof it reads Boure. If you are ever in Oxford, please allow me to spare you the embarrassment of pronouncing the name of this local establishment incorrectly, which is exactly what I did. Although its spelled B-o-u-r-e the first part is pronounced Boo, instead of Bo, as I assumed, and the "re" is pronounced Ray. Put them together and you have Boo Ray. Although I've already told Rae about the restaurant, I promised I'd post a photo. It may not look like much from the outside but the filet minon and mashed potatoes were excellent. In addition, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. The place was packed on a Thursday night.
The location is perfect. It's located just of the historic square in downtown Oxford on North Lamar. The Downtown Oxford Inn, where we stayed, was a short walk, which was perfect because trying to find parking on the square is difficult. If you are ever in Oxford stop by Boure. Just remember its Boo Ray.

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