The Porches

Nestled on a gorgeous lot about.4 miles from the Copiah-Lincoln Community College campus is one of the best restaurants in the entire Magnolia state. The Porches is advertised as, "traditional southern dining with an imaginative flair." I couldn't agree more. Everything was incredible from the bignormous (borrowing from Amanda) yeast rolls to the bread pudding covered in a perfect almond sauce. I was in heaven.
Two and a half hours from the Coast, The Porches is about 45 mins southwest of Jackson and is undoubtedly the best restaurant within Copiah and Lincoln counties. A true Mississippi gem.

The highlight of our dining experience was meeting Ms. Sybil (0n left) and Ms. Celia (0n right). These sisters are the quintessential Southern hostesses. Sweet as can be, they make everyone feel at home, in their home. Actually, Ms. Celia lives in the lovely Queen Anne The Porches operates in, while Ms. Sybil lives in another Queen Anne across the drive. While Ms. Sybil and Ms. Celia manage the gift shop, Ms. Celia's husband and son do all the cooking.
Does it get any better ladies? I don't think so. Ms. Celia and Ms. Sybil totally defy the old adage, "a woman's place is in the kitchen." Whatever! If we're talking about Ms. Celia's husband and son then "a man's place is in the kitchen" making those amazing yeast rolls, fried catfish, baked potato casserole, field peas, fried green tomatoes and bread pudding.
I am already planning another trip north so I can stop in for more yeast rolls and bread pudding. Thanks Ms. Celia and Ms. Sybil for a memorable dining experience. I hope to see you again soon!

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