2010 PGA Champ

German native Martin Kaymer defeated Bubba Watson in the PGA playoff. Initially it seemed the tie was three-way with Dustin Johnson in contention along with Watson and Kaymer. However, PGA officials decided to penalize Dustin Johnson with a two-stroke penalty for failing to recognize a bunker located outside an area-of-play where crowds were gathered to watch the tournament. Although Kaymer and Watson played excellent golf I believe many who watched today's tournament play will always wonder, "What if? What if Dustin Johnson had been allowed to contend in the play off? Who's name would have been added to the Wanamaker trophy?" A question for the ages to be sure. My hope is this experience will fuel Dustin Johnson's determination to become a smarter player who knows the game and how to play it with exactness. A fearless contender who will continue to "Wow" crowds and make history for years to come. Dustin Johnson, I look forward to watching your return next season and Mr. Kaymer congratulations for winning the 2010 PGA Championship!

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