The Three Amigos

For the past three years Dad's friends, Eek and Meek, have been regular fixtures on the Cat Farm during the planting and harvest seasons. There are two gardens on the farm. One is located behind the barn and the other is located behind the house. Initially, Eek and Meek planted the back garden and we planted the front. No matter what, Eek and Meek always helped us with our garden and vice versa. Due to Meek's health, Dad switched garden plots with the duo last summer so they wouldn't have to walk as far. Despite the distance, you could still find Eek and Meek in the back garden helping Dad weed or pick veggies.

Since last summer, Meek's health has improved. Unfortunately, his brother Eek is in poor health. We pray this will change and both will be around for long time.

I didn't identify Eek or Meek in the photo above. Can you guess which is which?

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