Last Thursday afternoon, Kristy, Charisse and I traveled to Louisville to see the musical Wicked. Although I was familiar with the story before Thursday, I had never taken the opportunity to see it. I am so grateful to Marlow who graciously gave me his ticket and to Kristy for the invitation to join her and Charisse.
The set was impressive, the costumes lovely, the music fun and the cast
was fabulous. The energy of the auidence was incredible and made watching the show even more enjoyable.
Donna Vivino was a fantastic Elphaba but Chandra Lee Schwartz stole the show as Ga'Linda, or Glinda. Richard H. Blake made a handsome Fiyero while Richard Kline was a fun, but insensitive Wizard.
Although I enjoyed all the music I loved 'Popular' and 'For Good.' I absolutely wanted to steal Glinda's white suite, hat and heels and the dragon would be a cool addition to the Cat Farm. I'm not sure how musicals performed off Broadway compare, but I am curious to find out. If anyone's interested in a quick trip let me know. New York City in the fall would be, well...wicked.

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