Neville Longbottom...

the shy, dumpy kid befriended by Harry Potter at Hogwarts was the inspiration for naming the newest member of the Cat Farm. Short, dumpy, with a long bottom, we felt the name was a perfect fit. Neville is also a nod to Joshie's first Cabbage Patch Kid who was named Berry Neville. Yes, my baby brother had a Cabbage Patch Kid before I did. No, he will never live it down.
According to Dad, Neville loves sliding down the incline in front of the house on his back, face first. He also loves for people to rub his belly. He'll roll over onto his back and whimper until he gets his way. At this point, Dad will say, "Cry for me Neville," and, of course, he does.

I am so excited that our little farm is growing. The cats will always be the foundation but there is plenty of room and I can't wait until the day cows, sheep, donkeys, and alpacas will roam the hills of the Cat Farm. Until then, I hope Neville parks his bottom on the farm for a long time.

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