World Equestrian Games 2010

Kentucky is currently hosting the World Equestrian BoldGames for the first time in history. The state has been planning this for years. I wanted to go so badly but last month had to make a decision between being home for the BoldGames which would have conflicted with Dad's trip for Cruisin' Italicthe BoldCoast, or flying home for Halloween. I decided to postpone my trip so I can be home for the holiday.
Fortunately, NBC is broadcasting a few events on Sunday afternoons. Watching the beautiful horses and their skilled riders makes my heart long for home. I have been in Mississippi far longer than I ever anticipated. It has been a great twenty-nine months but its not home.
I am so proud of my home state for hosting these games. I think they are doing a fine job of representing the United States to horse lovers around the world.

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