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I enjoy shopping. A lot. I can devote hours to it each week. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shopping for kitchenware, groceries, you name it, I enjoy it. I even enjoy shopping for baby clothes. This trend began after I received a hope (currently referred to as the hopeless) chest from my Dad when I was in middle school. My Mom and I would occasionally peruse the baby clothes at department stores searching for bargain items I could store in my chest until the day I would need them. That day, as we all know, has yet to arrive. Nonetheless, I can still be spotted at Baby Gap or Gymboree looking at the tiny onesies with little duckies or boats embroidered on the chest.

With the recent discovery Josh and Lauren will be having a baby boy I decided to stop at Pippen Lane on Magazine Street in New Orleans to do a little shopping. I am so glad I did. Did you know Brad and Angelina have shopped at Pippen Lane? This did not influence my decision to shop at this particular establishment. It was a fact I learned this evening while doing an online search for the image above.

I included this photo because its one of the three onesies I purchased today for the baby. I think it will be perfect for hanging out on the farm. I also picked up two burp cloths. One is red with white polka dots and the other, which is my favorite, has airplanes and hot air balloons. If you are looking for cute and colorful baby clothes check out Zutano and Infantissima, labels available online and at retailers like Pippen Lane.
The Children's Cottage in Mobile, Alabama is also a great childrens' boutique. I found a few things there for Clara's baby boy, Anderson a few years ago. I liked the little sweater so much I would like to find something similar for Josh and Lauren's baby.
I anticipate many opportunities to shop for the new baby so, if anyone knows of other cute kiddie boutiques, especially in or around Lexington, Kentucky I would love to hear about them.

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