Viking Classic 2010

Italic On Friday, Dad and I headed to Madison, Mississippi for the second day of the Viking Classic. The tournament is played at Annandale, which is a lovely course located just outside Jackson. Parking near the 16th hole, Dad and I headed over to the Leaderboard to check out the players and their positions.
I was pleased to learn Bill Haas was in the lead at 14 under. Wanting to catch a glimpse of the leader, we decided to hang out at the 17th hole until he arrived. This was my first PGA event, and I have to admit, I was a little star struck. Bill Haas, pictured above, maintained the lead Saturday and Sunday to win the Viking Classic. Hooray!
The club house at Annandale is lovely. Although we did not have club house passes I was able to get a few shots of the exterior. I especially like this photo of the rear facade which overlooks the 18th hole.
Before leaving the tourney, Dad and I were able to watch David Duval and John Daly tee off at the 18th. John Daly, pictured in the photo above, wearing the yellow shirt, is an entertaining athlete to watch. After driving his ball into the water he proceeded to curse, as Dad said, "in front of God and everyone," right there at the tee box. Once he confirmed that his ball was indeed lost, he reacted by kicking his golf bag a few times. Although Daly was 1 under when we saw him, he finished the tourney at 5 over, which prevented him from making the cut and finishing the tournament.
Due to the distance that separates Jackson from Biloxi, Dad and I had to leave earlier than we wanted to. However, I am grateful for the opportunity I had to experience my first PGA event with my Dad who loves the game and has patiently encouraged and coached me since I was old enough to swing a club. A memory to cherish forever, I will never forget the Viking Classic.

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